Music production with a Wacom Tablet: a new world for Musicians!

The Wacom team contacted with the extremely talented musician Mendel bij de Leij. A multi-layered producer from the Netherlands with an impressive background in this field.

  • Mendel bij de Leij
  • Composer
  • Mixing/Mastering Engineer
  • Ex-Aborted Guitarist

He is based in the city of Beetsterzwaag, in The Netherlands.

When we asked him about his influences, Mendel said: “I love Bach, Film Score music and Rock/Metal Music. I’ve played in the band Aborted for 7+ years and quit to focus on Composing and Mixing/Mastering”

Being multi-instrumentalist, he’s been playing guitar and piano for 20 years. Quite a talent don’t you think?

On top of that he has a solo career called “Mendel” which is a blend of Metal and classical music; Progressive Metal.

But well, how can all of this be connected to Wacom? Well here is the story:

“My friend and amazing producer Jacob Hansen used a Wacom tablet, and in 2018 i had to ditch the mouse because of my arm pains. I tried a trackball but that made things worse. I remembered Jacob’s Wacom tablet and tried the Intuos S and it literally saved my career; and improved my workspeed 10x”

You are hearing it from one of the best producers out there, Wacom can improve your workflow as a producer 10 times faster.

But how can you do then produce and compose music with an Intuos? Well, coming up next, we have prepared a video together with him to show you how you can (literally) rock your Wacom tablet!

One last question we asked, was. Which is your goal in life?

Life goals? Writing score for a full feature film.

We see you and we definetley hear you, Mendel.
Bedankt! Keep on rocking!

@mendelian (instagram)
Do not forget to listen to him on SPOTIFY 🎵🎸

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