Take a look at the amazing works of Anthony Samaniego

The incredible Anthony Samaniego & his works

Have you ever seen some of the work of Anthony Samaniego? Then you are probably just as excited and inspired as we are. He developed his visual-artist’s super powers in photography, video and 3D animation on his own after graduating in economics. Fulfilling his destiny, his mind fell in love with beauty and time. Just experience the sensation when looking at his works, don’t you feel his devotion, too?


Smoke Walker by Anthony Amaniego (reduced file size)
Smoke Walker by Anthony Amaniego (as you all know, file size of brilliant works can blow a website – if you want to take a closer look at the original file, please visit his about page)

Anthony Samaniego – chasing the right photo of L.A.

It all started out by Anthony wanting a photo of L.A. in his apartment. As you can imagine, he could not find quite the right one. So he decided to do it himself, taking pictures aiming to capture a “city that feels like it’s alive” – he says.

“I became obsessed, to shoot the right photo of L.A. I’m still searching.” – Anthony Samaniego

On his way of finding the right picture, Anthony became a photographer and created a series called “dreamscapes”. This series shows shows the city in pastel colors, multiple exposures and very light post-production tweaks. Let’s have a look at a quick selection of his “dreamscapes” works and others, before we revealing his video production powers, shall we?

L.A. at twilight from afar.
Doesn't L.A. look like the ocean?
Pure beauty cought in a profile portrait.
Roses - so crude and yet so soft.

This is Anthony Samaniego working on his Wacom Intuos.
This is Anthony at his desk creating his works with his Wacom Intuos). He looks quite happy with his creative profession, doesn’t he?

Anthony Samaniego – a true video wizard (conjuring with his Wacom Intuos)

At a time, where GIFs had been the only option to automatically play and loop moving images on Myspace, he decided to master the required skills. Continuing his creative journey he next developed video creating and editing skills that help him create mesmerizing works like the following. Anthony Samaniego became such a gifted artist, prepare to be blown away by some of his video productions:


Sheets of water floating in the air? This is probably how that would look like – surreal yet super realistic.

badwater basin
This short clip combines so many messages – dangerous and beautiful at the same time.


coachalla astronauts for youtube music
Astronauts having fun at coachalla – makes you want to dance along with them, right?

Heat can cause fata morganas. This one just looks like a gateway to some outer space.


tide palette
Don’t you feel these deconstructed waves coming at you out of a moving photograph?

A bunch of astronauts moving with different gravity directionsimpossible? Just take a closer look.


weekend palette
If you deconstructed a still painting looking at it’s details, it might just feel like watching this clip.

matrix rose
Ever tried to deconstruct the beauty of a rose? This is how it might look – watch full-screen mode.


to the light
A critical view at the circle of live, don’t you think?

This might just picture how our smartphones run our lives.


And the search goes on – what about you?

He has not yet found quite the right picture of L.A. and his journey still continues – so better be sure to keep him on your radar if you like his works so far. This reminds us, that all of our creative journeys have not yet come to an end. If Anthony’s works could inspire some of us to unleash our full creative potential, we’re very happy. Never stop creating – grab your graphic tablet and get started #madewithWacom.

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