The many first steps of Cyril Rolando aka Aquasixio

We all know it takes time to get to the final versions of our artworks. But also patience, inspiration and creativity are part of the deal. And sometimes we even meet our fiercest enemy – the creative block.  What could help prevent the creative block is becoming more versatile in our art. At first, this means stepping out from our comfort zone, which we mostly do not like. But if we do, we will be rewarded with new creative skills, insights in other art styles and learn something new. Because we broadened our creative horizon, we provide less room for the creative block. But what to do once it’s there?

E.g. watch some of Ciryl Roland’s first step time-lapse videos

Taking a break every now and then to restore inspiration is a good way to defeat this daemon. Why not pay a visit to nature, go out, make some experience for example? Also watching other artists work can have a recreational effect and do miracles. We found the “First Steps” series of Cyril Rolando, also known as Aquasixio, both relaxing and creatively stimulating that have to show you some of the time-lapse videos in his series – especially, when created with an Intuos #MadewithWacom.

A wave of emancipation

A wave of emancipation

Inspiration – Expiration

Inspiration - Expiration

The seven deadly sins – GREED

The seven deadly sins - GREED

The seven deadly sins – ENVY

The seven deadly sins - ENVY

Missed deadlines

Missed deadlines

Train train quotidien

Train train quotidien

Time to create

After watching these videos we feel the urgent need to kick off a new project just the way Cyril does, don’t you sense that too? If you want to know more about him and see more of his works, here’s where you can find and follow him online:


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