Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2019: An exciting festival for the creative minds

We are proud to see our relationship with THU is growing every year, and in 2019, its 7th consecutive year, it is bigger and better than ever before… This time, we send out the Wacom crew and this is the report from a first timer perspective with “The Tribe”:

First of all, lets start with the sentence that the Wacom team members have been saying for the last days: you had to be there! There is no way to explain the experience of seeing so much magic floating around the beautiful island of Malta and Saint Elmo’s Fort. After this, we can confirm why the cast of Game of Thrones decided to shoot some of it’s most iconic scenes in this place, right in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean.

So, here we go… A vibrant gathering of some of the most creative minds from all over the world sharing their work and passion towards art, technology, animation, sketching, movies, 3D, VR, AR and all kinds of creative outlets with each other.

The 5-day event was full of opportunities: companies like Netflix, Disney, Epic Games, Space Ape Games, and more were recruiting new talents at this very same place. Yes, you brought your portfolio, you show it, you get hired (only if you match the high criteria of these top-of-the-line big boys)

We also had conferences from people of the industry like Oscar Award Winner Peter Ramsey (who did an interview for the Wacom Team), Alison Mann, Goro Fujita, Jeremy  Mann, Viktor Kalvachev, Sally Slade and many many more super mega talented artists.

Some of the most interesting activities were also the drawing battles mixed with music: people would be sitting in front of four new Wacom Mobile Studio Pro’s and in a very small amount of time (one minute), they would have to draw what the music inspired them. This was lots of fun!

In addition to this, we had a big announcement: The New Mobile Studio Pro is coming to you very, very soon!
A new model with more powerful specs and features was shown at our keynote: Mike Jelinek (Design Futurist) and Jama Jurabaev (Art Director and worldwide known Concept Artists) were the lucky ones to give it a first try during our conference, showing how this new product, combined with Virtual Reality can push the boundaries of creative conception beyond imagination.




With us, was also Mexican travelling couple Nomadarte. Flying in directly from Alaska (where they left their van parked for a few days) to jump to Europe and join us at this event. They presented one of the coolest study cases for creative minds by using the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro on the road: Van life is not easy, but you can make it easier with the proper tools. Check out his work to see how a mobile office like theirs needs a MSP:


The Tribe.

Not only THU allows you to meet some of the most amazing artists sketching their next art piece, but what really makes it for us is the opportunity to connect with upcoming future bright minds of all around the world!
Do you want to know what new trends are coming? What are the new gadgets to improve your workflow? – Go to THU next year.
Again, an amazing experience and without a doubt one of the best events we have ever been.

Thank you Andre (THU Founder and thank you to the team that makes this possible) We will see each other again next year for sure!





Keep an eye open for the upcoming interviews the Wacom team has prepared for you featuring Peter Ramsey, Kim Jung Gi, Karl Kopinsky, Mike Jelynek, Jama and many more…


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