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We believe that art and creativity can change the world in a positive way and we are amazed every day by how you put your imagination out there to make this change happen. As Christmas season comes closer (only   days left until Boxing Day) and that usually #ComesWith the joyful period of charity and gift giving, we want to reach out to you and invite you to join our #giftofgiving movement.

We will donate 1€ for every share on Instagram #giftofgiving

So here is how you can take part in the #giftofgiving:


If you have an old pen tablet at home that you do not use since you upgraded to a better one, or, if you plan to upgrade this year, but don’t know what to do with your current pen tablet, we have the best idea for you. Join us in our #giftofgiving movement and give your old tablet to someone who will make the best out of it. It could be your sibling, a friend who wants to explore creativity and step beyond sketching, or an artist from your community who would appreciate new hardware.

Take a photo of your old tablet that you will donate, or create an art to support this movement, add the hashtag #giftofgiving, tag @Wacom, and share it on Instagram to see how the ripples of your act of kindness in your community affects people far away. Wacom will donate 1 € for every share to the Click-On Kaduna project, providing education and opportunities to the citizens of Kaduna State, Nigeria. To learn more about Click-On Kaduna, click here.


Click-On Kaduna


Let’s wrap it up again:

  1. Take a photo of your old pen tablet, or create your art to support the movement.
  2. Share it on Instagram with the hashtag #giftofgiving and tag @Wacom. And don’t forget to encourage your friends and family to participate as well.
  3. We will match every image with a 1€ donation to Click-On Kaduna.


We are already looking forward to your photographs and art on Instagram.
On behalf of Wacom and Click-On Kaduna we want to thank you very much in advance.


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I want to read the Terms of Use for Germany.
I want to read the Terms of Use for Germany.
I want to read the Terms of Use for Germany.

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