Show us your progress through the years

We know that, for many out there, Wacom has been the first and only option since you guys started.

Just like Miguel, a very talented 3D artist,  we have been there for you and vice versa. For us, is a very satisfactory feeling to see the progress you have accomplished through the years and how you use our different products depending on your art style and necessities. The new Wacom Cintiq 22 is exactly for that: to step up your progress.
We challenged Miguel to showed us his progress through the years and it went kind of viral with entries from all over the world showing their work through the years.

Let’s hear it from Miguel  himself:


“I have had few companions as inseparable as my Wacom tablets. 🖥🖊If I had to give some advice to someone who starts in 3D it would be: try a Wacom tablet because they make the difference. Not only it is the closest experience to actual drawing or sculpting that exists, but you can also easily develop the artistic part. 👨🏻‍🎨🎨
Here you have a small selection of my works from the beginning of my career until now. I think you can notice how they have been improved. 😄 My creative process wouldn’t have been the same without using Wacom
What do you think? Which work do you prefer? 2010? 🎮 2016? 🚙 2019?🍃 I am specially excited to tell you that I am going to collaborate with Wacom. Soon I will tell you more, stay tuned.

I encourage you to upload publications or stories with your works over the years and tagging me and @wacom with these hashtags:
#BeforeAndAfter #MyArtProgress #MadeWithWacom #MakeItOnWacomCintiq “

Here is Miguel’s Progress


What do you think? We really like the Earth Worm Jim one.


Here are some more Progress work who entered with the hashtag: #MakeItOnWacomCintiq. Create your entry!

Which is your favorite?

Check all the entries by clicking here

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