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Vectornator: It is a classic win-win situation

Have you already tried the Vectornator app? It´s vector graphics app for iOS that lets both professionals and design enthusiasts create illustrations and graphics on a sophisticated level. Also, sharing the results and editing them on mobile devices or desktop machines is easy and quick since the app supports all established major vector-based file formats.

Vectornator was created by Linearity, a startup located near Düsseldorf, Germany. The company became a member of Wacom’s Innovation Hub program in late 2017. Learn more about Wacom Developer Relations. Marc Zacherl, one of Linearity’s founders, recalls the beginning of the cooperation:

“Many users wanted us to support Wacom styluses in our app. Integrating them felt like the natural next step.”

WILL ™ for developers

Vladimir Danila, Head of Technology at Linearity, set out to explore the possibilities of the new SDK for Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™) – and succeeded in almost no time.

“Thanks to the quick and straightforward integration of WILL™, our users can now operate Vectornator with their Wacom styluses,” says his colleague Marc.

The WILL™ SDK makes it easy for developers to include digital ink features in their applications. Various editions of the SDK are addressing different use cases, for example, the digital exchange of handwritten content, support for Wacom hardware and even third-party inking devices, or enabling applications to capture biometric signatures.

Wacom Innovation Hub

A cooperation in the Innovation Hub program is by no means limited to technology only: “We profit from active mentoring, especially when it comes to marketing knowledge. It’s a classic win-win situation: We can offer our customers an improved product, and benefit from the knowledge and contacts of a big player, while Wacom gets access to new groups of users,” explains Marc.

Combining all business aspects related to a product like Vectornator is indeed part of the Innovation Hub’s blueprint. While technical challenges are often the reason why startups get in touch initially, other areas like marketing, legal, or simply networking can also profit from the Innovation Hub program.

Vectornator 2.0

In October 2018 Linearity released the next version of Vectornator app with a Wacom’s Smartpad integration. That allowed users to start drawing on paper and continue in vector format in the app. With the new version, users can enjoy more advantages, like new design with larger working space, icons8 and UI libraries, user gallery and real-time rendering.

Download and try app now and let us know how you like it. Check it out, here.

Vectornator now works seamlessly on the Wacom Smartpads

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