Wacom for Business: Inaugural Partner Conference

November 5th & 6th 2018 were the dates, and our European headquarters in Düsseldorf the venue for Wacom’s first ever EMEA Partner Conference.

With more than 70 guests from over 40 companies, even we were surprised how well the event resonated with our valued European business partners.


An engaging mix of Wacom experts, leading partners and other thought leaders presented on a range of cutting-edge solutions, and the future of digital pen and ink technologies.


Attendees benefitted from:


  • Exclusive networking opportunities with other Wacom partners across multiple industry verticals
  • Insight-packed presentations from industry experts on the future of digital ink & pen technologies, market trends, and user experience design
  • A sneak peek into Wacom’s product roadmap, and demonstrations of new software tools for partners and customers


Demand for digital pen and ink technology is exploding.

Attendees also agreed that the time was definitely right for this kind of event. With average annual growth of nearly 20%, the digital pen market is growing rapidly across B2C and B2B markets as demand for natural interface technologies grows.



As a result, we believe that an explosion in demand for digital pen and ink applications is just around the corner. Combined with leading Wacom hardware, these applications will enable organizations to enhance security, reduce paperwork and increase efficiency, while maintaining a familiar experience for end users during in-person interactions.



Who knows which amazing innovations we’ll be discussing at next year’s event?!?


We would like to sincerely thank all our partners and colleagues for making this such a valuable and memorable event. We look forward to welcoming you all again in 2019!



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