Wacom now #ComesWith Android support

Wacom Intuos #ComesWith Android support

Have you ever wanted to draft an idea, when inspiration hit you on the go? If you’re not using a smartphone with a smart pen already, you probably turn to a sketching your ideas with pen on paper. What happens with that idea afterwards? How do you digitize it? We worked on an alternative shortcut for you – supporting Android.

Wacom Intuos #ComesWith Android support

What does that mean? Basically, enables you to create your ideas digitally right away – where ever you are. You only need to have your Wacom Intuos and an OTG adapter at hand and get creative. Once you captured your inspiration digitally on your smartphone, you could store it in the cloud e.g. via the updated Wacom Inkspace app. Then just pick up on the latest version you saved at any time from anywhere to continue working on it. Experience this freedom of creation now.

The Wacom Intuos family

What do I need?

Obviously, you will need your smartphone and your Wacom Intuos, but you will also need an OTG adapter. What is this? An on-the-go (OTG) adapter is a tiny gadget. It creates a connection between your smartphone, tablet or any other portable device, to a regular USB cable or a device equipped with one, just like the Wacom Intuos.

So ideally, your OTG adapter will have a regular USB type A input (where you would plug in the regular USB cable) and an output, that fits into your device. This could be USB type C, Micro-USB or whichever input your smartphone, tablet or portable device needs, e.g. for charging. Please be aware, that not all devices are yet supported with this feature. Check the list that is provided scrolling down the “getting started with Wacom Intuos” page, whether yours is among them. So, when you got everything you need, let’s move on to how to set it up, to make it work.Just watch this video or read below.

How to set it up?

Step 1: Connect devices

Insert the OTG adapter into your Android device (usually where you’d insert the charging cable). Then, plug in the USB cable of your Wacom Intuos into the other side of the inserted OTG adapter. You could also insert the USB cable into the OTG adapter first and then plug it into your portable device. Just connect these three components the way you prefer.

Step 2: Observe the LED on your Wacom Intuos

Once you made the connection, the LED of your Wacom Intuos lights darkly. This indicates, that the device has been recognized.

Step 3: Verify functionality

If the LED on your Wacom Intuos lights darkly, move the pen on the left side of your Wacom Intuos to check, whether the cursor works on your Android device. Note: To not have any distorted or arbitrary strokes, the active area on your Wacom Intuos is limited to a portrait shaped rectangle on the left reflecting the proportion of your Android device. Pretty much like this:

Step 4: Get started or reconnect

Once you see the surface of your Android device following the pen on your Wacom Intuos, you can get started right away. Open your favorite mobile drawing app and enjoy a natural drawing experience with pen pressure sensitivity. If your Wacom Intuos does not work on your Android device, please try to disconnect and reconnect both USB cable and OTG adapter. When the LED lights brightly, please press the two ExpressKeys on the right and left for 3-4 seconds. Thereafter, the LED should light darkly, so you could repeat the previous step.

Which devices are supported?

Today, technology is advancing more and more – so a lot of devices have a pen-enabled technology already built in. So all you’d need to do basically, is get yourself a pen that works with your smartphone. But if your Android smartphone or tablet does not (yet) possess this technology, the latest Inkscape version let’s you draw on it with a Wacom Intuos. Find out, whether your Android device is supported and check out the list you can find on the “getting started with Wacom Intuos” page.

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