Wacom takes a “L.E.A.P.” into the future

Magic Leap and Wacom, industry pioneers for advanced creative instruments, joined together in an exclusive partnership to deliver spatial computing and pen input solution for content creators seeking hyper-realistic, collaborative, 2D and 3D work environments.

What will the future bring to creators?

Wacom and Magic Leap are building this- the next evolution of the digital creation environment without the need for a screen.

Digital sculpting would hardly exist without Wacom and animated characters wouldn’t have the detail and life they bring to the screen without Wacom. This next platform will bring with it a whole new wave of experiences we cannot yet even fathom.

Magic Leap Headset

What is this Spatial Computing?

Spatial computing takes the world around you and seamlessly blends it with digital content to create a new human-computer interaction. See what a car looks like in your garage in full size, see how tall a game character is in relation to someone else, watch your animation interact with the real world by avoiding real-world objects.

With Magic Leap and Wacom, the creative space is not just immersive, it is blended to with the real world to enrich the experience and not divorce the person from the real world.

Wacom + Spacebridge Demo

Wacom and Magic Leap’s prototype experience is powered by Spacebridge, an application under development by Magic Leap, which integrates existing desktop workflows with the spatial computing environment.

The demonstration simulates a four-person collaborative design review meeting where the participants each wear a Magic Leap headset linked to Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablets. The end result is a work session that allows the design team to view, scale, move, sketch and annotate 3D content in a vivid, realistic environment.

2018 L.E.A.P. Conference

L.E.A.P. Conference was Magic Leap’s first developer conference and hosted creators, developers, and technology partners from around the world. The conference included keynotes, workshops, product demos, and networking opportunities. For more information on L.E.A.P. Conference, visit: or watch the recorded live stream below.

Skip to 2:35:00 to watch our CEO Nobu Ide speak.

Work in progress

Moving forward, Wacom and Magic Leap will continue to validate their prototype by working closely with the entertainment and design communities and fostering a 3D application ecosystem through relationships with creative software developers.

“Magic Leap and Wacom share the belief that the spatial computing creative design experience should feel natural, intuitive, and inclusive of the world and other people,” says Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap. “The solutions we are developing together now will hopefully inspire and empower the next generation of creatives to design and build new products, living spaces, and even worlds.”

L.E.A.P. VR experience

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