Wacom The Next Level Exhibition: Putting a spotlight on digital art

More than 50 artists from around the world, including (and extra proud of the) twelve European artists, have been selected to take part in FIRST-EVER The Next Level Exhibition in London.

The winner artworks are shown alongside the work from internationally renowned feature artists: Kelogsloops, Loretta Lizzio, Mark Conlan, Mateusz Witczak, Nosego and Paul Braddock. It is for the first time that Wacom brings this international digital art event to Europe.

The Next Level competition

The exhibition is the highlight of Wacom’s The Next Level competition, a creative contest that started in Australia three years ago. It has since grown into a global digital art event, which is hosted on Wacom’s Instagram profile and promoted locally. This year it attracted over 3,800 entries from artists around the world – 2,000 more than last year.

“We are ecstatic and blown away every year by the caliber of entries that The Next Level receives. We love seeing the incredible work that artists and everyday creative enthusiasts are able to produce, and knowing that we can play a small part in that” says Simon Marshall, the initiator of this event at Wacom Australia.

Seeing is believing

Wacom is all about supporting creativity and empowering creatives. That is why we took the digital artworks, printed them and brought them to the very analog world of a traditional gallery setting. The Next Level Exhibition is now touring the world with stops in exciting cities like Sydney, Auckland, Bangkok, Mexico, Portland, and London. The artists will have their work exhibited and shown to a global audience, published in The Next Level publication, and offered for purchase at the exhibitions or online, here.

London exhibition recap

The opening night in London attracted 80 guests and turned it into a creative event celebrating digital art. With drinks and snacks in a casual setting with plenty of opportunities for the crowd to meet and chat. The event also offered creatives a chance to check out the latest Wacom flagship – the new Wacom Cintiq Pro 32, which became available in Europe in the same week.

Video production by Jack Woodhams, founder of

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