We asked you on Instagram what will be the trends of 2020 – would you like to know?

Probably you have already read a couple of articles or watched some videos about the trends of 2020 in digital creation, like graphic design. Some of them were quite outstanding and interesting to read and watch. If you did not yet read or watch any forecast about the trends of 2020, these might be worth taking a look:

Get an idea of the trends in 2020

Take “The Look of 2020” by Digital Arts for instance. They give a summary of what stock image provides like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Storyblocks and the like have forecasted for the visual trends in ads. According to them, we will see more ads picking up the global digitization trend bringing more visuals with artificial intelligence and extended reality. On the other hand, we will also see more about emotional authenticity, as people want to make more purpose-driven lifestyle choices and have a stronger sense of community these days.

What’s your opinion?

But these trends focus more on ads and might not reflect the true voice and thought of our beloved community. And we really wanted to learn, what you anticipate for 2020. So, we reached out to you on our Instagram stories Instagram stories. These are the trends we detected among your replies:


These are the major trends you anticipate for 2020


lower tablet prices



digital sculpting

mixing up characters and yourself making artwork




graphic design

anime and manga drawings


A bit more relevant please?

We’re all individuals, who have different interests and passions, especially, when it comes to our creative specialization. Not to tread on anybody’s toes: photography, illustration and 3D seem to be the top creative fields affected by trends, which made your 2020 trend input on these fields particularly interesting. But we also wondered, whether you see any trends coming up in 2020 for comics and manga. Curious about your input?

Your 2020 comic & manga trends

Just as K-pop has become a global trend, comics and manga have long conquered the creative world. Still we wondered, whether there will be some trends you can already see now. Most of what you said is based on already existing books and novels, but maybe that’s where you see we’re going in comic and manga. So go your answers:


What will be your 2020 manga & comic trends?


Kimetsu no yaiba

Promised Neverland

Freaking Romance

Death Note 2

Fruits Basket 3

Fanarts of kny …fire force jojo


Your 2020 photography trends

Photography is such a wide field. Trends can range from what you shoot, but also how you edit. Especially, when it comes to photo manipulation and compositing, there possibilities are endless #toonmechallenge.  So we wondered, which photography trend you think will make it this year?


Your major anticipated photography trends of 2020


diversity & vibrant colors

mental health awareness

mobile shots




candid photography


Your 2020 illustration trends

Just like photography also illustration covers a myriad of possibilities. Trends could vary in what you draw, which colors you use, and how you draw, incorporating your own style or trying out new, trending styles. What do you think will be trending in illustration this year?


Illustration trends of 2020, according to you



fantasy and fantastic animals

more 3D like illustrations

mixing the realistic and the imaginary

children illustration

grain effect

animated illustrations

limited color palettes



Your 2020 3D trends

The rise of 3D itself could be seen as a trend, but fortunately, it is more than that. When thinking about animation and motion, 3D has made grand advancements and offers innumerable ways to be affected and improve by trends. Despite technological aspects, like the tools and software you use, which definitely influence how you work and what you can do, what will be the visual 3D trends of 2020?


What you say we’ll see happening this year in 3D

blender 3D




realistic models with cartoon views

depth and realism

mix with photography & objects


Your favorite trending artists in 2020

Last, but not least, Digital Arts for instance asked top creative agencies about their best up-and-coming illustrators. Interested? Give it a read: The illustrators who’ll kick off the 2020s in style. But we’re more about you and who you say we should have on our radar. Want to know, who inspired us the most? Take a look at these remarkable artists:


Top 10 inspirational artists to have on your radar in 2020

Micaela Wainstein

Zoë Marriner

Benjamin Paulus

Terence Ntsako Tako Maluleke


Lois van Baarle


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