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June 2, 2021

OTOY launches SculptronTM 1.0 bringing the industry’s first real time GPU mesh sculpting and animation toolset to the OctaneRender ecosystem – available to buy since MARCH 2021 and releasing for free for 3-months for customers that purchase a Wacom Cintiq Pro or MobileStudio Pro.

Pioneer of GPU rendering OTOY Inc. is thrilled to release SculptronTM 1.0, in partnership with Wacom®, bringing the first real time GPU mesh sculpting and animation toolset to the OctaneRender and Wacom ecosystems. Sculptron is available to buy today, and is released for a limited time with a free 3-month subscription for Wacom customers that purchase a Cintiq Pro or MobileStudio Pro.

The launch of Sculptron marks another milestone addition to the growing OctaneRender ecosystem – which now includes EmberGenFXWorld Creator, and RNDR – bringing the first standalone GPU based sculpt-animate application natively to OctaneRender users.

What is Sculptron?

Sculptron is the GPU based sculpt-animate application that introduces mesh sculpting natively into animation workflows, along with a powerful set of new deformers and animation capabilities, with unmatched speed and performance when compared to other 3D animation tools. With Sculptron you can animate scenes and objects with a large amount of polygons (like a character composed by 500K+ pure – not subpatched – polygons) with unprecedented deformation speed, especially when combining animated Sculpt Layers and Effects.

Capture 001

Sculptron 1.0 Features

  • New Outliner and New Scene Graph improves scene management in Sculptron, allowing you to select (and multi-select) item(s), parent them and change their order in the list. For example, clicking with the right mouse button on any item will bring up additional options (Delete, Hierarchy selection, Collapse/Expand Hierarchy). The Outliner is also the place where the Modifier Stack lives and can be managed. You can “parent” effects and Sculpt Layers to it, change order and see the resulting mesh deformation in real time.
  • Object Transforms and Attributes (animable) allow you to animate Item Transformations and any Attribute in the scene, making it possible to animate any properties. The relative animation track also becomes available in the Animation Editor.
Curve New 1
TimelIne NEW
  • Fully functional Modifier Stack and Deformers with full Order of Operation support allows artists to combine multiple deformers in sequence and see the final result in real time on the deformed mesh. It’s now possible to combine MDD caches (even multiple ones), Sculpt Layers and Linear Deformers, plus a number of very powerful modifiers like the Transform Effect.
  • New Environment Item and PBR Environment Shading allows an HDRI image to be used for OpenGL PBR lighting and reflections. The Environment Item also offers several options to customize the background image. In addition to the already available Matcaps, we introduced a new PBR Material with UV texturing support, supporting PBR environment lighting and reflections.
  • New Volume Item and Improved Volume visualization/workflow allows you to convert any static or animated mesh into a VDB volume, which can then be exported as a frame or a sequence.
  • Procedural Texture Based Sculpting allows you to drag a Generator to the Texture slot of a brush and use it for alpha sculpting.
Procedural Texture Sculpting 4

Other New Features Include:

  • Camera for camera animations
  • New Noise Generator allows you to animate the position, rotation and scale of the noise.
  • Image Map can be used to map an Image Texture in a Volume.
  • Tangent Space Sculpting allows Object to Tangent space conversion for sculpting
  • DeltaMush allows you to smooth arbitrary deformation of a polygonal mesh without smoothing the original detail of the model. Delta Mush does not require meticulous up-front tuning: it easily accommodates model and rig changes; and it has proven to be versatile far beyond cleanup.By making bad deformations good, Delta Mush helps facilitate an efficient character workflow.
  • Unified Transform Gizmo allows you to Scale, Translate and Rotate items on single axis and planes, using Object, Parent or World Action Centers.
  • Customizable Null Objects that can be used for the Scene setup (grouping items, as reference for deformers and so on). We added several shapes and options for full customization.
  • High Density Primitives with high polygon counts can now be added to the scene from the Starter Objects menu.

Please see the Sculptron Forum post for a detailed feature list and our YouTube channel for Sculptron tutorials.

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