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How to Support Physical Health When Teaching Online

After all your efforts to get confident with online learning, don’t forget to look after your own health. Along with mental wellbeing, make your physical ...

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15 Wacom Online Lesson Starters

When you’re teaching online, a starter activity is a great way to get your learners quickly engaged with the lesson. It gives them something to ...

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The best e-Learning Tips for Short Attention Spans

Are you struggling to keep your students focused during online lessons? Learning virtually can be hard for children. They struggle with so many distractions at ...

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5 Ways to Add Movement into Online Lessons

When you prepare for online lessons, you focus on what your students will learn. But what about their physical needs? It feels like your class ...

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Wacom with Loom: Exciting Opportunities for Video Lessons

Looking for a straightforward way to record video lessons? Feeling stressed with the move to virtual teaching? Take a look at Loom. It’s a simple ...

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What is Blended Learning / Hybrid learning?

Suddenly, schools across the world must shift to delivering learning online. Does teaching feel different now? It’s been a shock if you aren’t confident using ...

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Ways to Create Discussion in Live Virtual Lessons

Are you met with silence when you ask questions during live online lessons? Are your class discussions stilted or hard to manage? Creating conversation in ...

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Virtual Classroom: Annotation and Drawing with Wacom

Teachers are turning to Wacom for support as they move to online teaching. Pen tablets are the perfect way to engage students, create visual images, ...

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How to Keep Students Safe When Teaching Online

Online teaching is on the rise and it’s here to stay. Whilst you’re creating lesson plans and personalising remote support, don’t forget to consider the ...

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10 Strategies to Boost Student Attendance in Live Lessons

You work hard creating perfect online lesson plans to keep your students interested in virtual learning. But, over time, you notice the numbers attending are ...

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13 Boredom Busting Ideas to Transform Online Lessons

When did virtual learning get so boring? After the novelty of online lessons wears off, you might notice an increasing lack of engagement from your ...

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10 Ways to Use Online Quizzes in Lessons

Quizzes are undervalued, used for fun rather than a learning tool. But we think they’re a great resource to engage students and transform in-class and ...

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