Wacom’s Deep Dive Interview with Zeen Chin

Zeen Chin is a very talented artist who masters the graphic arts in 2D and 3D. We have gathererd a series of questions in this interview so you can deep dive into his mind and have a glimpse of how his creative mind works. Enjoy!     1-Thanks for having us. We love your work, tell us a little bit about your development and studies. -I’m a self-taught artist and started my career as a 2d ...

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Why is Relicts one of the best horror short films in the world?

Hi end creations, excellent textures, spot-on composition, submersive atmospheres, hyper-realistic sceneries, great rendering, obsesive atenttion to details, and the list could go on, and on... Take a look at some of the work it takes to create a high-end short film like this:   "Relicts" is a 3D animated horror short film, a dark story set in a remote village lost somewhere deep in snowbound woods. It follows a day of a ...

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We asked you on Instagram what will be the trends of 2020 – would you like to know?

Probably you have already read a couple of articles or watched some videos about the trends of 2020 in digital creation, like graphic design. Some of them were quite outstanding and interesting to read and watch. If you did not yet read or watch any forecast about the trends of 2020, these might be worth taking a look: Get an idea of the trends in 2020 Take “The Look of 2020” by ...

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3D Modelling tutorials for your character development with Iris Ogli

Iris Ogli is a very talented 3D artist based in Jerusalem, Israel. Everytime you think about how to start a character, a creative block might come immediately, but Iris is here to show you how to overcome it and start creating some of the most original pieces out there with the help of Maya and Zbrush and of course, her loyal Wacom Cintiq 24.   "I have been working with Wacom Cintiq 24HD for ...

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Contest time for Adobe’s Substance Painter: Meet MAT 2: The 3D Painting Contest

We're in the middle of the Substance Painter's contest, guys. Haven't heard of it yet? Well, here's your chance to explore a new software, learn some new skills and even win some great prizes. In case you don't know, what Substance Painter is, we'll give you a short summary, before we introduce the task and eventually reveal what's to win. Curious? What's Substance Painter? If you're into 3D creation, you have certainly ...

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Behind the scenes of jewelry creation at 404 Place Vendôme in Paris

Did some of you get some nice jewelry for Christmas this year? Maybe a bracelet, a pendant, or even a ring? We had the chance to take a look behind the scenes of a jewelry designer 404 Place Vendôme in Paris to see how maybe your beautiful piece might have been created. Do you want to learn more? Then check out this video (or continue reading). https://www.youtube.com/embed/03qfIOSzq-I The digital art of modern ...

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Atomhawk: a high class studio with the best team!

Atomhawk Showreel from Atomhawk Design on Vimeo. Atomhawk is an art and design studio based in the North East of England and Vancouver, Canada. Sourcing artists from every continent on the globe, the team works with clients through all stages of the development process, from initial art direction and concept development, through to production and marketing art services. Projects are managed in an integrated manner, meaning teams work with clients for extended ...

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Recap: Getting started with Clip Studio Paint Pro

When it comes to digital art, there is a lot of hardware and software out there to help us bring some more creativity into our world. And while the time passes, the count of options to choose from increases and the choice gets harder. Quite often, hardware is bundled with software, to help young aspirational artists get started. But also experienced digital artists profit from these bundles once they wish ...

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IHazToys: The magical modern way of creating Toys

So, we all love toys. Whether we did as a child, or... why not? also as an adult. We ran into the amazing work of Layna and Jon Troy who have been creating amazing concepts with their Wacom Cintiq's and their great creativity and skills. Take a look at this video that our dear friends from ArtStation have compiled to get a grasp of the beautiful artwork of the IHazToys duo:  Let's see ...

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