Strategies to Stretch More Able Learners in Online Lessons

You’ve probably spent a lot of time looking at ways to support struggling learners in your online classes. But what about the ones that need challenging and stretching? It’s easy to fall into a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t cater for their needs. Even if your online classes are set into ability groups, you still need to differentiate. High-achieving students need just as much support as those working below academic expectations. We’ve thought ...

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Creating a Graphic Organiser with Wacom

Graphic organisers are nothing new. You might know them as concept maps, relationship charts, or mind maps. They’re essential visual thinking tools you can use to help your students learn more effectively and retain that learning for longer. Wacom pen tablets are the perfect resource for making effective graphic organisers whether you’re face-to-face in the classroom or teaching online. They let you handwrite, edit, highlight, and erase straight onto electronic templates ...

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How to Support Physical Health When Teaching Online

After all your efforts to get confident with online learning, don’t forget to look after your own health. Along with mental wellbeing, make your physical health a top priority. Teaching is usually a highly active job. You spend your day running around, standing up to teach, and moving between students. But teaching online is a far more sedentary experience. Now you’re sitting at a computer for longer periods of time than you’ve ...

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15 Wacom Online Lesson Starters

When you’re teaching online, a starter activity is a great way to get your learners quickly engaged with the lesson. It gives them something to do straight away, with no need to ask you questions. That leaves you free to take the register, check everyone is prepared for the lesson, and get started. Did you know your Wacom pen tablet is the perfect tool for lesson starters? We’ve got 15 great ...

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The best e-Learning Tips for Short Attention Spans

Are you struggling to keep your students focused during online lessons? Learning virtually can be hard for children. They struggle with so many distractions at home. Short attention spans during eLearning is a common complaint for most teachers. The usual strategies you’d use in the classroom have less effect online. That means you need fresh ways to keep their attention on you. Here’s a round-up of 13 ideas you can apply immediately ...

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5 Ways to Add Movement into Online Lessons

When you prepare for online lessons, you focus on what your students will learn. But what about their physical needs? It feels like your class are stuck to their screens–but do they have to be? Children get bored sitting at a desk all day. At school, they move around the classroom and spend break times running outside. When they learn from home, exercise can be more limited. They lose focus and ...

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