Wacom’s Deep Dive Interview with Zeen Chin

Zeen Chin is a very talented artist who masters the graphic arts in 2D and 3D. We have gathererd a series of questions in this interview so you can deep dive into his mind and have a glimpse of how his creative mind works. Enjoy!     1-Thanks for having us. We love your work, tell us a little bit about your development and studies. -I’m a self-taught artist and started my career as a 2d ...

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Alex Solis – Next Level Creativity!

      We just love the style of Alex Solis! His irreverent and colorful adventures, linked to a very intelligent and unique way to express (and connect) concepts, is what makes him great.       Art has been a passion of mine all my life, I'm creating or working on some type or art everyday, even when I rest or take a day off, I sit and doodle something even if it's only a few ...

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We asked you on Instagram what will be the trends of 2020 – would you like to know?

Probably you have already read a couple of articles or watched some videos about the trends of 2020 in digital creation, like graphic design. Some of them were quite outstanding and interesting to read and watch. If you did not yet read or watch any forecast about the trends of 2020, these might be worth taking a look: Get an idea of the trends in 2020 Take “The Look of 2020” by ...

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Wacom’s Deep Dive: Jorge Luis Miraldo aka Shorsh, creative director

When talking about digital art, what is the first thing, that comes to your mind? Illustration? Animation? Image editing? There is so much more to explore in digital art and so many creative professions around the globe, we want to share and bring more creativity into this world even more. When looking at 2020 and what the trends might be, one artist we find truly inspirational is Jorge Luis Miraldo ...

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Wacom’s Deep Dive: Hannah Warren – the artist of our Wacom One artwork

Hannah Warren is a highly experienced freelance illustrator best known for her whimsical, character-led style with a nod to retro design. Due to the high recognition value of her style, her lists of clients grows steadily. Among them you will find Google, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Virgin Books and many more. Wacom recently joined that list, when we asked her to create the hero artwork for the newly released pen ...

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Anna Kuptsova – 7 days of inspiration – Advent Calendar [22]

This season #ComesWith a lot of creativity and inspiration. In our 7 days of inspiration series we introduce an inspirational artist each day. Today's artist: Anna Kuptsova, a fabulous illustrator and designer, also known as anniko_story. Because she inspired us so much this year, we wanted to get to know her and her way of working a bit better and share that information with you. Want to know, what makes ...

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Tutorial: How to draw hair, by Lera Kiryakova – Advent Calendar [2]

Today’s tutorial: How to draw hair Some of you might already be experts in drawing hair. But if you're not there yet, just take a look at today's tutorial. Lera Kiryakova, a fabulous freelance illustrator, was so kind as to prepare a new tutorial for us on her Wacom Cintiq. You have certainly already seen her on YouTube, when she created this illustration tutorial for us. Now, she wanted to focus ...

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We met Doaly at MCM Comic Con 2019… this is his work

Doaly is a UK based graphic designer and digital illustrator with a passion for story telling. His work is characterised by his conceptual approach to illustration and his ability to adapt his style to the most sympathetic to the subject matter.     Over the years he has created artwork for a wide range of clients including the BBC, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Wired and ...

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Playgrounds at Eindhoven: Wacom was there and this is how it went!

We are busy, busy, busy... It's Festival season and being official sponsor of so many cool events can get a little bit hectic. But we keep bringing you the best coverage of our different events from around the world... This time we were proud sponsors of Playgrounds Festival 2019 in the beautiful city of Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. The biggest event on concept art & design for film, animation and games ...

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