Teaching Online has never been easier with Wacom and its new software partners!

Wacom partners with leading educational software applications to provide teachers and students with the best solutions for the virtual classroom and remote learning With many schools and universities forced to shift to online teaching, Wacom is committed to provide teachers and students with innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of remote teaching, e-learning and online collaboration. Therefore, Wacom is partnering with five leading educational software applications, that make the transition to ...

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How to Run Online Physical Education Lessons

The move to online learning has been a challenge for all educators, but particularly teachers of physical education (PE). Practical subjects are notoriously difficult to deliver online. Are you tempted to stick to paper-based exercises about theory and nutrition?   Leaving practical PE until your students are back at school may seem like the perfect option, however distance learning is here to stay. Now is the time to embrace the changes brought by online learning. You can still deliver engaging and effective ...

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7 Essential Tricks to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Are you confident teaching at school but struggle with online live lessons? Teaching virtually can feel very different to presenting in the classroom. Your usual strategies don’t have the same impact.  Having an engaging presence on screen helps you keep students focused and maximises the learning. Getting it right can feel challenging but just a few simple changes can transform your presentation skills.  Here’s seven tips you can use to perfect your online presence.  1: Consider your webcam   It’s easy to forget that your learners are watching you ...

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Effective Ways to Use Screen Sharing in Live Lessons

There’s no need for students to sit staring at your face during live lessons. Use the screen sharing function to give them something else to look at.    Programs like Zoom and Microsoft Teams let you show learners your screen rather than your face and switch between the two. Screen sharing keeps students interested and engaged in their learning. It makes for easier demonstrations and feels more like a traditional classroom experience.   So, what can you use screen sharing for in your live lessons? Here’s six creative ideas to try with your class.  1: Class demonstrations  If ...

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How to Involve Parents with Online Learning

At Wacom, we’re committed to supporting teachers as you move to online virtual learning. But what about parents? Students learn better when carers are engaged with their education. Their support is a great way to personalise online learning.  Too often, schools feel distant. Parents are reluctant to make contact, or don’t know who to speak to. Most parents want to be actively involved. Developing home-school partnerships is an effective way to make that happen.  We’ve got a range of simple ...

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Using Your Wacom Pen Tablet with PowerPoint

Teachers love PowerPoint. But did you know you can use your Wacom pen tablet with them? It’s a great resource to use in the classroom or for remote learning.  Use your pen tablet to create slides before lessons or transform your demonstrations whilst teaching. It’s perfect for online live and recorded classes. Simply plug in your tablet and get started.  Here’s how to make it work in your lessons.  Increase slide size  It can feel cramped handwriting on a slide, so you’ll want to maximise the space you have. Your pen tablet lets you ...

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