5 Ways to Use Wacom Tablets to Support Lesson Planning

Remote teaching has had an enormous impact on planning. Your perfect lessons in the classroom may need altering or a complete overhaul. Using a Wacom tablet lets you annotate your existing planning, create virtual resources or start again from scratch. Let’s look at five simple ways you can use your pen tablet to help you plan successful lessons. 1: Annotating existing planning It’s rare to find a perfect ‘plug and play’ lesson without ...

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Choosing the Right Wacom Product as a Teacher

Choosing the Right Wacom Pen Tablet for Teaching As teachers adjust to distance learning, you may be exploring tools to make your lessons more effective. Using a pen tablet is a simple but powerful way to revolutionise the way you plan and deliver lessons and assess student progress. But choosing the right tablet can feel daunting with so many products on the market. Which is the most effective for teaching? For many ...

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The right inspiration for Online teaching, from the right person: a feature from Sal Khan

We have found an interesting example on the web about Online teaching and we want to share this with you: With more than 5.6 Mio. followers on his YouTube channel, Sal Khan is a pioneer of the Online teaching techniques with many people supporting his incredible work. From recording videos in his closet, to having one of the most amazing programs for education with the support of Google, Bill Gates and even ...

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Taharqa Meets Wacom — A Case Study for Taharqa Gate and A Wacom Intuos Pro review

Written by Dominique Navarro, artist at the Epigraphic Survey of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago (http://www.digital-epigraphy.com/) The North side of Taharqa's gate in the morning light (Photo by Dominique Navarro) Documenting Taharqa Gate Within the Medinet Habu Temple complex in Thebes, just north of the Small Temple and near the Sacred Lake, is an unassuming monument standing alone among the remaining rubble of an ancient mudbrick wall. Referred to as “Taharqa Gate,” ...

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How to Annotate Documents Digitally

There’s a reason the red pencil endures: it’s the most efficient way to communicate markups on a document. Trouble is, you need a printer and a red pencil if you want to truly mark up a doc. If your home office is without a printer, annotating and marking up documents with a mouse takes all of the pleasure, art, and efficiency out of the process.   Good news: you don’t need a ...

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PhotoshopCAFE Tutorials: Learn the best hacks and tips!

Photography editing is better with knowledge: In this Photoshop tutorial / mini Masterclass, Commercial artist, Colin Smith shows you how to turn a day photo into a night photo. Learn the 3 steps to create a convincing day for night photo manipulation. Step by step reference guide to this tutorial: http://bit.ly/2G5ps13   Attention!! This tutorial is a great way to use a Wacom tablet in photography retouching ;)      Where to get the Intuos ...

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Singles’ Day #ComesWith surprise deals

We love creativity. That's for sure. And to us it doesn't matter, whether you're single or in a relationship or in something you would label as "It's complicated." - we love you anyway. But, there is a special day for singles. It has been widely celebrated in China for years and becomes more popular in America and Europe, too. And that special day is today. So we'd love to celebrate ...

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Wacom now #ComesWith Android support

Wacom Intuos #ComesWith Android support

Have you ever wanted to draft an idea, when inspiration hit you on the go? If you're not using a smartphone with a smart pen already, you probably turn to a sketching your ideas with pen on paper. What happens with that idea afterwards? How do you digitize it? We worked on an alternative shortcut for you - supporting Android. Wacom Intuos #ComesWith Android support What does that mean? Basically, enables you ...

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The many first steps of Cyril Rolando aka Aquasixio

We all know it takes time to get to the final versions of our artworks. But also patience, inspiration and creativity are part of the deal. And sometimes we even meet our fiercest enemy - the creative block.  What could help prevent the creative block is becoming more versatile in our art. At first, this means stepping out from our comfort zone, which we mostly do not like. But if ...

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