Manga meets the New Wacom One ✨

  Our most affordable display so far has not been off the radar for some of the major digital artists out there. Let us take you into the views of people whom we trust and look up to, and remember... creativity is the key to explore new and unexplored worlds. Go and get it! One of our favourite manga artists is: Sabrina Bouchami. , she is super talented and an avis creator of Digital and ...

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Time for some reviews: the Wacom One creative pen display

It's been a month now and we wondered, how well the Wacom One creative pen display has been perceived by some of our dearest artist friends. So we checked some YouTube channels for some reviews of the Wacom One. Wonder how thing's are going? Check out these reviews and many more on YouTube - enjoy. AntCGI - Wacom One Review | Entry Level Display Tablet Anthony Ward is a very talented and ...

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Kickstart your creativity today with the Wacom One Creative Pen Display

The Wacom One is not just a remarkable gadget to enlarge the screen of your smartphone at home or outdoors while boosting your productivity at work. It is also the ideal second screen device for digital creative professionals and helps digital art newbies to bring their talent to a new level and enjoy pure freedom of creation. Connected to your PC, laptop or Mac it unleashes your creativity with whichever ...

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Boost your productivity every day with the Wacom One Creative Pen Display

Recently, we talked about some benefits a larger screen would bring to how we use our smartphones. Missed it? Check out here. Nowadays, that many of us also use smartphones, mostly Android devices on a global level, at work or for work purposes, the Wacom One becomes a true booster in terms of efficiency and productivity. How? The following are just some examples of the many ways, in which the ...

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Crave a larger screen for your Android smartphone? The Wacom One will improve your everyday

Which device do you use the most, to browse the web, check social media and do your online shopping? Your smartphone, right? Each day more people turn to their smartphones to do these things. And we do it that extensively, that we have a charging cable and power banks with us in case our smartphone runs out of battery during the day. Using a smartphone has become so intuitive, that ...

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Wacom’s Deep Dive: Hannah Warren – the artist of our Wacom One artwork

Hannah Warren is a highly experienced freelance illustrator best known for her whimsical, character-led style with a nod to retro design. Due to the high recognition value of her style, her lists of clients grows steadily. Among them you will find Google, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Virgin Books and many more. Wacom recently joined that list, when we asked her to create the hero artwork for the newly released pen ...

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Getting started with the Wacom One Creative Pen Display

We continuously strive to provide you the best possible performance designed for the way you create. As each and everyone of you is unique and creates in their very own style, we just recently introduced you to the Wacom One creative pen display. So far, we talked about its features and what a great product this is for digital starters, both, creative and non-creative. But we have not yet shown ...

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Improve your everyday with the new Wacom One Creative Pen Display

Happy New Year! Welcome 2020, welcome everyone, welcome Wacom One. We’re proud to present our entry-line pen display tablet that #ComesWith such a wide range of features that we cannot put them all into a single sentence. Today, at the CES in Las Vegas, the  Wacom One Creative Pen Display will be introduced. It opens a world of new possibilities for both, creative and non-creative people. How? Nosy, are we? Just keep ...

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