The basics of mix media layered style into digital artwork with Clip Studio Paint and Wacom Intuos by Miss Led

Joanna Henly aka Miss Led recently moved from London to the artisanal Lisboa, Portugal and Wacom was invited to her studio. Besides getting a tour of her new crib, Miss Led let us turn her everyday work process into a tutorial for you guys.

Joanna explains the process of how she has developed her traditional mixed-media layered style into digital artwork. She also gives examples of her most important art pieces, inspiration sources, some struggles you might encounter with client assignments as well as some tips & tricks for using the illustration software Clip Studio Paint.

For beginners and hobbyists, we offer Clip Studio Paint by Celsys in a bundle with our new Wacom Intuos pen tablet.

Enjoy the video below.



No time for the whole video? Jump to:

00:23 Client artwork examples
01:38 Working with Clip Studio Paint
02:45 How to change the ExpressKeys and applying hotkeys
05:11 Benefits of working digitally
06:26 How to give the brush a graphite feel
11:55 How to start with coloured pieces
16:54 Changing the colour of the linework
18:08 How to flip the workspace to get a different perspective
19:25 Adding more depth to the piece
22:55 Blending/smudging to get a more organic feel
24:53 Adding more depth and shadows
26:02 Adding highlights to finish it off
32:31 Where to find quick keys


Filmed and edited by Jack Woodhams.

About Miss Led

Loosening to mouth muscles

Joanna Henly aka Miss Led is an artist, illustrator, and art director based from East London. Jo illustrates to commission for corporate brands, products, packaging and advertising campaigns with specific experience within fashion, beauty and technology sectors.

As an artist Jo works from portrait commissions to large-scale complex works, this work is often in public spaces or a live performance as part of an event – or she is the event, also creating portraits of guests of responding to a gallery or theme. In addition, she creates personal work which is exhibited globally, as well as selling prints online.

She is a strong promoter of professional practice within art and illustration, including being a Global Ambassador for Liquitex paints and supports events with the Association of Illustration (AOI).

Jo is a passionate educator, promoted via social media and podcasts to her online audience which reaches 1.3million people. With this at the core of her practice and her experience of ‘live working’, she is well experienced in talking to the camera and communicating with an audience.

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