The artwork of Vera Rehaag

We met Vera at “Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2021” in Tróia, Portugal.
It was a great event full of incredible artists and Vera definitely stole some of our looks. Take a look at her work and read a little bit about her career and her work with Wacom tablets:

Since 2019 I am the proud owner of a Cintiq Pro 24. In my life as an artist I have worked on a Bamboo, an Intous 3 and 5, and a Cintiq 22HD before.

The first Cintiq experience was wonderful.

After studying communications design I spent one of the best Years of my life at the animation school Hamburg. With a small group of super-skilled artists, I learned a whole lot about 2D animation, storytelling, layout design, background painting and much more. A whole new world!
I proceeded to earn my first industry experience in a big games studio in Hamburg, where I eventually left in 2019 to become a full-time freelance artist.
My first job as an independent collaborator was for a german pirate band I was a fan of. They had asked me to make an animated music video, and so I took up the role of art director and illustrator, a friend by my side with whom I split the animation and composition work.
It was a lot of fun and to this day I haven’t had another gig that gave me this amount of creative freedom.
Except maybe for the classes on animation I have written, executed and produced as a one-woman show on Skillshare.

Even though I already loved the transitioning from purely traditional to digital with the Bamboo and Intous tablets, it was great to remove the disconnect from looking at a screen while drawing on the table again

The speed at which I could work on my art increased immensely with the Cintiq. I also love the size of the Pro 24, because I feel like I can really dive into my artwork. It makes focusing on the work at hand easier, and there is enough space to have references up on the same screen. 

I wouldn’t ever want to change back, and to date, this is my favourite way to paint digitally. 

Vera specializes in Character Design, Illustration and Animation. She has very interesting courses where you can learn a lot to improve your artwork. Check them out here: https://linktr.ee/verasartblog

Follow Vera on IG: https://www.instagram.com/verasartblog/

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