Futuristic PUMA RS-2K sneakers commercial

In August, our friends from Kyiv based production Seek Studio released the video of a new RS-2K sneakers by PUMA, hosting Nadiia Dorofeieva as the brand ambassador.

Puma RS2K from Olga Babych on Vimeo.

The video shows a pair of futuristic sneakers falling into Nadiia’s hands changing not only her room, but the entire life.

The shooting happened on July 23, and it took a little more than one month to set the project ready and implement it, and there have been various specialists from different fields involved to make it all work.

The best representatives of the artisan market known both in Ukraine and worldwide put a lot of energy to bring the project to life:
Olga Babych and Vlad Fishez as directors, Nikita Kuzmenko as a cameraman, the Seek Studio producers and more. Visual effects and motion design were handled by Eugene Lekh and Eugene Pylinsky, the 3D designers and the founders of the “massa+” motion design boutique.

To showcase Nadiia’s  transformation within the film loop, the team together with Deep3dstudio made a 3D scan of the artist, her costume and sneakers, 100 DLSR-cameras involved.

Some funny stuff from the shooting:

There were minor difficulties, the praying mantis, the night before the shooting, the main mantis ate his stunt double. Wild life, you know)

Some words from creative team:

Eugene Pylinsky sgi artist (@pylik)

1. Unlike a mouse with a Wacom Pen, I get speed and more precise control over my work.

2. Usually I open an AfterEffects or Cinema 4D and start experimenting on the chosen topic, make tests, from these tests I choose the best and modify them for a specific task.

4. Some other projects:


5. I recommend to be patient, experiment with style, move from small to large, break big tasks into small ones, pay great attention to detail, and do the job with love

Eugene Lekh sgi artist (@e_lekh)

1.The first and most important impression from the use of Wacom was that the whole process of creation was greatly accelerated. Also, I would note such quality as accuracy and precision. I think that this effect is difficult to achieve with other manipulators.

2.The creative process in my case is primarily an experiment and research, during which you can get pleasant and very unexpected results.

3. For people who are just starting to engage in digital art, I would recommend not to be afraid to experiment and try yourself in different styles and directions. This approach opens up the horizons of possibilities and consciousness and has a very useful effect on the entire creative process.

PUMA Ukraine
Marketing Director Tatiana Kovalenko
Media Marketing Specialist Heorhii Nazarchuk

Nadya Dorofeeva

Artist Team
Irina Gorovaya
Lena Rogova
Mariam Sakanyan

director Vlad Fishez & Olga Babych
dop Nikita Kuzmenko
executive producer Kostya Khytry
line producer Taya Holiy
producer assistant Darina Tverdokhleb
unit manager Dima Mazhuga
art director/production designer Olga Babych
set designers WokaWoka
stylist Ann Khytra
make up Olga Mishura
hair stylist Natalia Braslavich
gaffer Alexander Shvets
focus puller Vladislav Dobrik
video assistant Max Levchenko
photographer Ksenia Kargina
light assistant Sergey Illin
bts Oleg Bondarenko, Kostya Semerei
bts photo Kostya Bibliuk

post production producer Kostya Sen
editors Vlad Fishez, Kostya Semerei
vfx consultant Indy Hait
cg/art directors massa+ Eugene Lekh & Eugene Pylinsky
sfx Propeller Studios
color Erlan Tanaev
clean up weare fx: Stas Ravskyi & Alexandr Dysenko
character and props 3d models developed deep3dstudio: Vadim Shestakov, Evgeniy Shestakov, Andrey Kompaniets, Evgenie Shestakova

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