Behance Artist Highlight: The Real Life Industrial Designs of Tyler Morgan

Industrial designers play an integral part in product creation and evolution. Nearly every product you buy has touched an industrial designer. Tyler Morgan, this week’s Behance gallery artist, was influenced by his creative childhood to pursue a degree an industrial design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Here is Tyler’s story:

Wacom: Tell us how you started your creative passion.

My father is a carpenter. My mother loves drawing and photography. I was raised in a creative environment and it became a passion of mine. From drawing to watercolor to building furniture, creating is how I could express myself, and I never want to stop.

Shimano Power Tools

Wacom: What style of visual art do you focus on and why?

My focus is currently in Industrial Design. I was drawn to it by the endless opportunities for me to apply myself as a designer, as well as challenge myself to integrate my artistic background into everyday products. I appreciate the beauty of detail and the story behind how things are made, so I wanted to be a part of that. I find the idea of creating something for millions of users fascinating.

Wacom: Where and how do you find inspiration?

Everyday, life gives me something new to work with. My peers are a great source of inspiration as I try to surround myself with as many creative minds as possible. Travel has played a very large role in how I've developed as a designer. Ghana, Mexico, Kenya, and Hong Kong pushed me to observe and gain new perspectives in life and design.

Wacom: What is your favorite of your work and why?

Hong Kong Push Cart

My favorite work is a recent project that I completed in the 5 weeks I spent in Hong Kong last summer. We found an opportunity in the street carts that are used all over the city for delivery, gardening and trash collection. There seemed to be a certain special connection between the people and these carts in the way they customized them. We took these insights, and designed new carts and modular attachment systems to cater to the different users. This project was very fulfilling purely in the fact that we focused on the people themselves.

Wacom: What Wacom technology are you using now?

I currently use the Cintiq 22HD.

Wacom: Why did you join the Wacom gallery on Behance?


Quite simply, I was searching for further pieces of inspiration. Wacom products have helped me create beautiful product renderings that I never would have been able to produce otherwise. I am always looking for more, whether it is techniques or basic visual inspiration, and Wacom's gallery on Behance was the perfect place for me to find both of them.

You can see more of Tyler’s work on his Behance profile.

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