Image Credit: Tony Gold

Behance Artist Highlight: 3D Illustrations of Tony Gold

From photorealistic 3D stills to digital animation, this week’s Behance gallery artist highlight takes us to Toronto, Canada. Tony Gold is a 3D illustrator working with design companies, advertising agencies and magazine. Let’s dive into the world of Tony Gold.

Here is Tony’s story:

Wacom: Tell us how you started your creative passion.

I started creating from a very young age. I always used to draw comic strips in my bedroom, and I wanted to be a sci-fi comic illustrator on Judge Dredd or Superman. I had an uncle that was a fantastic illustrator, and I always got passion and encouragement from seeing his work.

Wacom: What style of visual art do you focus on and why?

My main focus is 3D illustration. I usually receive a brief from the client, and I move on to model and render the project. I nearly always finish by doing post-production before supplying the final work to the client in whatever format is needed. I work for design companies and advertising agencies but also do magazine work. I am also a high-end retoucher on a variety of projects, very often-combining photography and 3D together. Recently I’ve been called on to do more animation, which I have a real passion for, and I think this is a natural progression from the 3D still image. 

Wacom: Where and how do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is all around. I'm usually called on to make something in 3D look as photorealistic as possible. I find sometimes getting away from the computer screen and making real life observations can really help. For example, looking at the way sunlight hits the surface of water or how a shadow falls across a hallway can provide inspiration and a better understanding. And of course there's the Internet. There's so much good work out there to inspire and motivate, and Behance is a great example of this.

Wacom: What is your favorite of your work and why?

I think my favorite work is my animation of the Breitling Navitimer watch. It is a personal piece that started as a short project and quickly changed into full-blown storyboard - animation monster. I often create personal projects for myself between client jobs to keep busy and practice new techniques and this turned into something I still look at with pride.

Wacom: What Wacom technology are you using now?

I use the Intuos 3 tablet right now but I'm overdue an upgrade. I travel a fair bit and my Wacom tablet is usually the first thing to go into my bag in case I'm called on to work while I'm away.

Wacom: Why did you join the Wacom gallery on Behance?

I decided to join the Wacom gallery because of the variety and quality of the work showcased there.

You can see more of Tony's work on his Behance profile.

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