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Wacom Celebrates National Put Your Mouse Away Day

Wacom Celebrates National Put Your Mouse Away Day

Wacom Celebrates National Put Your Mouse Away Day Today is one of our favorite days here at Wacom. Okay, it’s our most favoritest day at Wacom. It’s National Put Your Mouse Away day. It’s the day when people all over the country take the #WacomStylus pledge to put their mice away and pick up their styli. In fact, it has its own motto: DOWN WITH MICE, UP WITH STYLI!

Next thing you know, this day will have its own greeting card. Much like Valentine’s Day, we at Wacom feel the greeting card makers could make a killing with National Put Your Mouse Away Day. Maybe next year.

Anyway, today might be our favorite day, but for a n00b at Wacom, it can be a tough one. You remember what it was like to put your mouse away, right? How tempting that mouse was and how a stylus just felt sort of weird the first time you started working with it. Well even at Wacom, there are people who haven’t picked up the stylus and we’re following one of them today with our cameras to see how he adjusts to putting his mouse away.

Watch the videos on the Wacom Facebook page to see if he’ll make it. Join us for the National Put Your Mouse Away day G+ Hangout where we’ll hear from Colby Brown, Brian Matiash, Renee Busse and Colin Smith on how they put their mouse away and picked up a stylus.

If you are ready to put away your mouse, first take the pledge. Head over to Twitter and write, “I [name] pledge to put my mouse away. #WacomStylus” After that, lock your mouse up, put it in your trunk, chuck it off a cliff. Get it away from your hand and get over the stylus learning curve.

All sorts of artistic things are open to you once you put your mouse away, like pressure sensitivity in a bunch of creative apps like Sketchbook Pro, ZBrush and Photoshop, as well as a faster digital workflow.

Are you ready to take the #WacomStylus pledge? Do it now!

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