by Melissa Ashcraft

Image Credit: Glenn Jones

12 Things About My Art: Vector Art of Glennz Tees Creator, Glenn Jones

From the water bomb squad to the ironic iconic illustrations of Back to the Future, Glenn Jones brings comedy to your t-shirts. Glenn, from Auckland, NZ is the creative brain behind Glennz Tees, an Austin-based company.

Image Credit: Glenn Jones

As the holidays loom, we're sharing the "12 things about my art" series that highlights various artists and gives you an insight into their art, their process and the creativity. We asked Glenn to come up with 12 things about his art. It could be anything and everything he could think of. Here are Glenn's 12 things about his art:

  1. I've been drawing digitally for 20 years, and now hardly ever use paper.
  2. I've always loved vector, crisp clean editable lines. I think about trying other styles, but I never get sick of vector art.
  3. I love adding humor to my art, I'm always looking at everyday stuff and thinking how can I portray it in a different, funny way.
  4. I started drawing using Adobe's Illustrator 3. You could only draw in wireframe mode then wait for the screen to slowly redraw so you could see the preview – that was 1993, and I thought it was amazing.
  5. I'm self-taught. I had a great boss at my first job who let me draw whatever I wanted when I had down time. I got lots of practice.
  6. If I can't think of anything to draw, I try to go and do something else. I'll exercise, garden, drive, then the ideas start flowing. I'll admit coffee helps too.
  7. My desk is always messy. It usually only gets reorganized when stuff is covering my keyboard and Wacom.
  8. I'll often redraw the same thing a few times if I think I can do it better.
  9. I've used Wacom products pretty much my whole career. Wacom were bought for us at work originally because management saw it as physically healthier than using a mouse, not for any creative reason.
  10. When I draw something, I pretty much have to finish it in one go. Sometimes I'll leave if for months then relook at it again – usually I totally change it.
  11. I love drawing made up gadgets, stuff that solves problems that don't really exist.
  12. T-Shirt designing happened by chance, but it totally changed my career path.

12 Things About My Art is a way to learn more about the artist behind the art. Stay tuned to learn more about other incredible artists.

Get a chuckle out of Glenn's work on his Behance profile.

Image Credit: Glenn Jones