Rufino Jimenez

Behance Artist Highlight: The Digital Art and Collage of Rufino Jimenez

Our Behance gallery brings artists from all walks of life together to celebrate and share their work. This week’s Artist of the Week, comes from an artistic background less common than most. Rufino Jimenez from Dallas, Texas recently took his traditional collage style to the digital space in these intricate works from historic inspirations.

Here is Rufino’s story:

Wacom: Tell us how you started your creative passion.

I have always been creating. As a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, my focus in school was mainly charcoal drawing and collage. As far as my most recent work, since March I have been teaching myself Photoshop.

Wacom: What style of visual art do you focus on and why?

The type of visual art I am currently working on is digital collage. I am in the process of creating a new printing process that requires all of my work to be done digitally. I like to use images from a certain era where its schema instantly creates context. The formats of my pieces are like a Rorschach test -- your interpretation of my pieces is more telling of you than me. Although these pieces may seem like mirror images they are not, I position my images off center. Each imagine is placed in a way that directs your eye to flow through the work. This makes the art read like a story.


Wacom: Where and how do you find inspiration?

The DADA collage movement and automatic drawing have always inspired me. When collecting images, I group the images that relate to me in some way. I then take these images and arrange, blend, and crop them to seemingly have conversation across the page. My work is a lot of gut feeling and instinct.

Wacom: What is your favorite of your work and why?

I currently like my piece “Secret of Myth.” I liked working on it because it consists of images that have been taken from old etchings. Using the Wacom tablet, I was able to draw back into the work creating links or redrawing parts of the images lost to original page cropping.

The Secret of Myth

Wacom: What Wacom technology are you using now?

I currently use the Wacom Bamboo Create.


Wacom: Why did you join the Wacom gallery on Behance?

Wacom has change the way I look at creating art digitally. I come from a tradition of hands-on creations. The idea of using a mouse on a computer to create art seemed foreign. The Wacom tablet is the perfect bridge between tradition craft and digital output.

You can see more of Rufino’s work on his Behance profile.

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