Creativity under Threat: Make this Meeting 15% Funnier

Creativity under Threat - Make this Meeting 15% Funnier

Many creatives start the day with a moment of confusion, which often transforms into frustration. It’s that first few minutes of morning when you open your calendar and find back-to-back meetings about who knows what. All you can see from those meetings is a whole lot of time that you won’t be at your desk creating the work that you’ve been hired to do.

But those meetings are a necessary burden of making a living as a creative person today. More and more creatives must wear more than one hat. So how does this affect the actual work you’re doing? iStock worked with KRC Research to conduct a study of more than four hundred creative people in the United States and the UK.

What did they find? The news for the state of creativity is mixed. New technology is helping creative folks get their ideas out, but workflow continues to be a problem and creatives don’t have the time to execute on their inspiration. Check out the infographic from iStock below.

Do you feel your creativity is under threat? How do you balance the necessary work grind with your creativity? Tell us in the comments section.

Infographic: State of modern creativity, September 2013