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Working with Travel Photographer, Elia Locardi

Full disclosure: This blog post is NOT about the shoot or products of any kind. That will come in time in the form of a truly inspiring video and other content. This post is about doing what you love and friendships found along the way.

Elia Locardi

Few people in this world can say that they love what they do. In fact, I would say that if you are lucky enough to love what you do, then perhaps you are lucky enough! Listening to the amazing stories of their world travels, picturesque destinations, and “location independent” lifestyle, I found Elia and Naomi to be anything but lucky! To suggest that they are lucky to live a lifestyle that so many of us would like to have would suggest that it fell into their laps. Nothing could be farther from the truth! The Locardi’s have made a concerted effort to pursue their combined passion for travel and photography and are doing so quite successfully.

A few short years ago, Elia and Naomi stared down the fear of uncertainty and risk that so many people have and decided to leave their careers behind and do what they love. Long work hours, coupled with the impact of a troubled economy, and a frustration of never having time to travel, drove them to a make a dramatic change in their lives--to simplify.

Elia and Naomi

The Locardi’s are successful in their pursuits because they have found balance in their personal and professional lives. In some ways, they are one and the same. Living a non-conventional life in most people’s eyes, they are at home in the world, on the road and with one another. With each stop they make, they don’t check off a location from a bucket list, rather, they take from it an experience, a story. They cherish the time, the sites, the sounds the friendships that they make in that moment. They equally inspire and become inspired by the people they meet.

Working closely with Elia and Naomi this week has given me a new perspective on travel, photography and life. Intentional or not, they inspired me to take note of my passions and pursue them. I can’t say that I’ll be quitting my day job in favor of a nomadic lifestyle, but I will be dusting off some creative ambitions that I haven’t visited for a while.

I consider the time spent with Elia and Naomi to be good fortune, and value the friendship that we created. If I can share with you some unsolicited advice, it would be to follow your passion. Free your creativity. Do what you love--whether that be in your career or a hobby. Either way, enjoy and make friends along the way.

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