Behance Artist Highlight: Lauren Winter

Every artist brings a different perspective, style, focus and inspiration to the creative universe. We want to share and celebrate the uniqueness of each artist, so every Friday, we are going to highlight one of the artists in our Behance gallery. The first creative mind in our artist highlight is Lauren from Cedarhurst, New York.

Here is Lauren’s story:

Wacom: Tell us how you started your creative passion.

I started creating as a child. I would often be caught doodling on my notes, painting, building, you name it, and I created it. I began to learn graphic design in high school, and I decided to major in it in college because of how creative and good I felt. Creating art that could communicate important visual messages for today's brands and today's world is something that is very important to me as a designer and a person.

Wacom: What style of visual art do you focus on and why?

The visual art I focus on is graphic design and branding. I always loved creating art with my hands, but always wanted to have a functional reason for it to be used. Graphic design enables artists to create brands for companies, menus, logos, web sites, apps and any other form of graphic communication, and still be able to call it art. It’s a rare but great combination of communication and art.

Wacom: Where and how do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere. Whether I'm online and I see a color that I like, or when I’m out on the streets and I see a storefront that has a cool display. I believe anything and everything can be inspirational as long as you're looking for it.

Wacom: What is your favorite of your work and why?

My favorite project I have done was a school project where I created a packaging and beverage brand called Swizzle. This beverage was meant to serve as a low calorie female alternative to beer. The design was girly, while still maintaining a little of the vintage edge that beer has. It was super fun to create and I felt like this could really be something that I would want to design in the future. I really related to the consumer that I was designing for which made the design feel personal and really exciting.

Wacom: What Wacom technology are you using now?

I currently use the bamboo tablet because it is light and easy to carry around with me. It's always available whenever an idea hits!

Wacom: Why did you join the Wacom gallery on Behance?

I joined the Wacom gallery on Behance to get involved with a greater community of visual designers and see what they're creating with their Wacom products.

You can see more of Lauren’s work on her Behance profile.

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