by Melissa Ashcraft

Digital Drawing Meets Traditional Book Binding with Wacom and DODOcase

Last week we left our cubes in Vancouver, Wash. and hit the road for San Francisco. While we didn’t leave our hearts in San Francisco, we did leave a whole lot of Intuos Creative Stylus and Bamboo Stylus. And we got a chance to meet our friends at DODOcase in person and tour their factory, which was filled with traditional book binding equipment.

DODOcase’s CEO Craig Dalton filled us in on the history of DODOcase and shared that San Francisco has a rich legacy of book binding. When he and his partners started DODOcase, they wanted to combine this craft with emerging mobile technology. Their beautifully designed cases for phones and the iPad are not only stylish, but because they use top-quality materials they are also sturdy. Our favorite DODOcase is the Folio (with a Bamboo Stylus Duo inserted between the iPad mini and the paper).

While we were at DODOcase, we hailed a food truck and invited a bunch of artists to try out the Intuos Creative Stylus and the Cintiq Companion. Friends from ArtrageAdobe and Autodesk stopped by too. Artists created wonderful pieces on both the Intuos Creative Stylus and the Cintiq Companion.

If you weren’t able to join us in San Francisco, not to worry. We’re hitting the road in 2014 again with our mobile tools for creativity. Stay tuned for dates.

Thank you to DODOcase for welcoming us to the factory!