by Melissa Ashcraft

Colby Brown

Hanging Out with Top Visual Artists on G+

At Photoshop World a few months back, we met with Brian Matiash, community manager for Google+ Photos. Before meeting with Brian, our G+ profile was, I’ll admit it, a secondary way to connect with our audience after Facebook and Twitter. But Brian said some things that made us shift the way we thought about G+.

  1. G+ has a huge community of photographers and a growing community of visual artists because G+ is set up to display rich media.
  2. G+ Hangouts.

Those two bits of information went rolling around in our minds. We knew that visual artists using all sorts of media, including photography, graphic design, animation and illustration use our tools. And we knew that awesome people like Brian, Colby Brown and Elia Locardi all use Wacom products and they hangout on G+. Why couldn’t we facilitate conversations with these industry influencers and our Wacom audience?

We’re pleased to announce that Wacom is now hosting weekly G+ hangouts with visual artists. We’re talking to them about mobile workflow, their art, their businesses and about pen tablets.

We’ve had some great Hangouts so far, including a Hangout with Colby Brown where he gave new photographers advice on building their brands and valuing their work – this one is a must see for any photographer who wants to sell his or her work. We also had a panel discussion with Brian Matiash, Trent Kaniuga and Patrick Shettlesworth where each of them shared their thoughts on the Cintiq Companion and the ways in which it would impact their mobile workflow.

In the next few weeks, we’re hanging out with photographers Elia Locardi and Ken Kamineski as well as the Marketoonist, Tom Fishburne. Join us at these G+ Hangouts to ask the pros questions and tap into their expertise. Add Wacom to your G+ circles for news on our upcoming G+ Hangouts (we also announce them on Facebook, so follow us there too.)