by Melissa Ashcraft

Starting Your Next Great Idea with the Intuos Creative Stylus

Created with the Intuos Creative Stylus

Created with the Intuos Creative Stylus

A good idea starts to become reality with a pen mark — a doodle, or a couple of circles around key phrases. Often the paper is the back of a napkin, or a receipt dug out of the bottom of a bag. Sometimes there’s no great idea, and that’s the problem, but we still find ourselves starting with a sketchnote, or mind map. Technology has evolved and now we’re beginning to doodle, sketch or draw on tablets.

The ubiquitous iPad is the tool of choice for so many, but until recently, the closest we could get to a pen-on-paper feel was using our finger to create. In other words, it wasn’t at all close to a pen-on-paper feel. Introducing the Intuos Creative Stylus – this is Wacom’s offering to those who want an authentic pen on paper creative experience on the iPad.

We brought our 30 years of digital pen leadership to the creation of the Intuos Creative Stylus. It works with the touch technology integrated into the iPad 3 and iPad Mini, or newer iPad devices with Bluetooth Smart (4.0). This touch technology responds to a point of a similar dimension to a fingertip. We created our nibs to mimic the fingertip that the iPad responds to. However, thanks the Bluetooth connectivity, pressure sensitivity and leading creative app integration, you control the width and style of the lines.

Here’s what’s under the hood, or nib, as it were:

  • Battery life: 150 hours with a AAAA battery
  • 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Customizable shortcut buttons
  • Compatibility with apps including Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for iPad, Procreate, Art Rage and of course Bamboo Paper

We know people are wondering about Android. Right now, the Intuos Creative Stylus is just for iPad 3 and iPad Mini and newer iPad devices. For those interested in Android, the Bamboo Stylus Feel is ideal and works with all pen-enabled mobile tablets, offering a finer tip, and acts and feels like a traditional pen.

The Intuos Creative Stylus offers a pen-on-paper feel so that you begin making your great ideas a reality. Perhaps your idea is a map for a new garden, or sketching out a seating chart, or maybe you’re taking on the task of creating the Mona Lisa (no pressure). With the Intuos Creative Stylus, you’ll experience authentic creativity on an iPad.