Wacom Introduces Bamboo Pad

CTH300_BambooPad_Family_RGB_LowResLeveraging the power of the pen, Wacom has released a tool designed to both navigate and communicate: The Bamboo™ Pad is a touchpad with a digital stylus.

BambooPad_InUse_Gray_092_RGB_LowResUsing touches and gestures on the Bamboo Pad enables the user to navigate in operating systems such as Windows® 8 more intuitively and conveniently than with a traditional mouse. Taking tasks to a new level, the Bamboo Pad includes a digital stylus, ideal for making quick notes and doodles or annotating documents or slides.

BambooPad_InUse_Gray_075_RGB_LowResWith just a few strokes of the pressure-sensitive stylus, you can give things like e-mails a personal touch with a hand-written note and drawing. Or, add a hand-drawn visualization to spruce up a presentation.

Set up is a breeze in Windows 7 and Windows 8, with plug and play compatibility. Got a Mac? Simply download and install the driver from Wacom’s website and you are ready to go.

Bamboo Pad is available in both a wired and wireless version. The wireless version features an RF connection with your computer, eliminating cable clutter. The wireless version also comes in a variety of colors, including: Gunmetal grey and black, or pearl white with fresh color accents in blue, green or purple. The wired model features a detachable Micro-USB cable and comes in Gunmetal grey and black.

Watch the video and dance around a bit if you feel the urge. When you are through, kick that mouse to the curb and make the mundane task of navigation fun! For more information on the Bamboo Pad, visit Bamboo Pad USB or Bamboo Pad Wireless