How to Hold a Wacom Pen

How to Hold a Wacom Pen

There is no all-encompassing “right way” to hold a Wacom pen.  There are many arguments for why you should hold it this way or that, but in the end, if the pen doesn’t feel right, or help create the desired outcome, it is the “wrong way,” at least for you.  

In this video from a few years back, I explain why I hold the pen the way I do.  This is by no means the “right way” for everyone, as I have had no shortage of people tell me, regardless, the video is insightful about ways to get the most out of your Wacom pen, no matter of how old or new it might be. 

The keys things to consider when deciding how you hold a Wacom pen are always going to be comfort, the location of the side switch (if you have one), handedness, and even your style of work. A traditional calligrapher will most likely hold a stylus very differently than a sketch artist or someone writing math formulas for distance learning. 

Clutch up or clutch back, just learn to use that side switch and keep your hands away from a mouse.

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