by Caleb Goellner

How to Create Perfect Strokes in ZBrush

Learn how to create smooth curves and add sculpted detail in ZBrush, using add-on modifiers programmed directly to your grip pen and ExpressKeys, bringing your brush tools to life. 

In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors show you how to introduce add-on modifiers when working in ZBrush. See how you can add the stroke pallet, backtrack and curves modifier to your brush, getting rid of the fine bumps and ridges found in most sketches. 

Benefits of using ZBrush:

Stroke Pallet – Here you can choose from a number of brush options, adding things like raised ridges, drawing them directly onto the surface of your character. If you need to smooth out your stroke, simply access the lazy mouse and increase the radius.

Backtrack – Allows you to create detail on a specified path, when you want to define a line and go back over it with a plain, line, spine or path brush. With a specified path, you can work on defining any line without the worry of altering surrounding areas.

Curves – Lets you draw out surface curves and then bring up the detail on that particular curve, moving it around to create sculpted detail. You can enable the curve mode on any brush you want to use. 

It’s important to remember that these are just add-ons to whatever stroke you are using, whether it’s the dot or freehand stroke. It modifies your stroke, also taking into account the Z add, Z sub, Z intensity and what your draw size is. It’s very helpful, something you can easily turn on and off. These tools really help you get the most out of your strokes.



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