by Caleb Goellner

Improve Your Workflow When Sculpting and Painting in Mudbox

In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors demonstrate their sculpting and painting process in Mudbox, using an Intuos tablet. With ExpressKeys, touch strips and the pressure sensitive features of the grip pen, they show you how to dial-in the detail, quickly changing brush sizes, strokes and strength value, to improve your workflow. 

Learn and follow these steps to work faster.


Sculpting Phase 

Step 1: Introduce Mesh and Sphere – This is where you begin to sculpt. Using your brush, simply drag it over your sphere to begin working.

Step 2: Dial-in the detail – Using the pressure sensitive grip pen you can zoom in and create fine detail, if you need to change brush sizes you can do so with your touch strips. 

Step 3: Grab and Stretch - Bring out selected portions of your model. You’ll learn how to do it at lower resolution levels to create large-scale changes.

Step 4: Subdivide – When you can’t add any more resolution or detail, it’s time to subdivide, helping you dig deeper and create those finer details.

Step 5: Create Symmetrical Strokes – Mirror your details by adding in lines, ridges and other abstract shapes, introducing new elements to your design.


Painting Phase 

Step 1: Create Paint Layers – To paint textures you’re going to need multiple paint layers. Find out how to access paint layers and name them so you can store them for future use.

Step 2: Set Up a Defuse Group – When using your paintbrush, you can choose from a variety of colors, the strength and the brush size you want to use, then paint.

Step 3: Using the Eyedropper – The eyedropper lets you sample back in paint you used before. You can erase, blur and use stamps with your sculpt brush or paintbrush.


Sculpting and painting can be a time consuming process when using multiple devices. With your Wacom tablet, you have an all-in-one device with an easy-to-use interface. Take advantage of the ExpressKeys, touch strips and pressure sensitive grip pen to work faster, without taking your eyes off the screen.



Now you can streamline your workflow, saving you time to create more and take on new projects.


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