by Caleb Goellner

Learn How to Navigate the MARI Interface

Explore the MARI interface and learn how to take advantage of four key tool bars to navigate faster and get right to work, accelerating your journey towards creating captivating work. 

In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors guide you through the MARI interface, focusing on the top menu, which contains multiple tool bars, like project, pallets, forums, and status that are all stacked together for quick reference. Using the ‘open archive’ button in the project tab, you can load any selected file and quickly go to work.

In this tutorial, there are four MARI tool bars you’ll be looking at:

Canvass  – Located in the center of the interface, the canvass toolbar features tabs on the top, based on what you’re viewing. In this example, we have ‘orthographic’ view selected. If you want to view the ‘perspective’ camera, click the ‘perspective’ tab in the canvass interface. The canvass toolbar affects things on our canvass, like a wireframe display for our model.

Pallets – The pallets tab is accessed from the orthographic view. The configuration of the pallets tab is completely customizable in MARI. At the bottom you have the brush editor, shaders pallet, channels, painting, projection and shelf tabs. Inside these tabs you’ll see that there are several tabs inside, called shelves.

Forums – The MARI forums tab lets you navigate through a variety of forums so you can communicate with other MARI users.

Status – In the bottom right corner of the interface, the status bar contains information about the project you’re working on, updating you on disc cache usage, color management and masking options.

After watching this video, you’ll be able to navigate faster in MARI’s interface, allowing you to spend more time being creative, instead of fumbling around searching for the right tool bar or menu.

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