by Caleb Goellner

Modify Your Grip Pen Properties to Improve Productivity in ZBrush

Sculpting digitally using ZBrush offers all of the benefits of traditional media with the added benefit of easily undoing a mistake. A pressure sensitive pen tablet adds the feel of sculpture, allowing the artist to carve using pressure just like traditional sculpture.

In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors show you time-saving features you may not be aware of, or taking advantage of, like how to set your pen pressure sensitivity in ZBrush to respond to varying levels of pressure, set the color gradient and how you can modify your pen properties to offload some of the keyboard shortcuts and common actions like; control, ALT and shift, directly onto the grip pen.

Benefits of using ZBrush: 

  • Selective pen pressure-sensitivity features allow you to create different brush sizes based on the amount of pressure being applied.
  • Advanced color gradient settings give you the ability to seamlessly blend a variety of colors using pressure sensitivity.
  • Offload keyboard shortcuts and common actions directly onto the pen display or Cintiq tablet to reduce unnecessary steps and the back-and-forth between multiple devices.

Learn how to go into the different preference and tablet settings to adjust your brush sizes, RGB intensity and brush mode for quick transition based on the pressure of your pen. You can assign ‘hot-key’ combinations directly to the buttons on your pen, giving you one-click access to the custom actions you use most.



These practical tips help eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming steps when working in ZBrush, improving your workflow so you can stay focused on creating and fine-tuning that original masterpiece.

Our tutorials are designed to help you take full advantage of your creativity, show us your work - add it to the Wacom Gallery.

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