by Caleb Goellner

Navigate Faster in MARI in Three Easy Steps

Learn how to integrate MARI into your Cintiq properties, configuring your pressure sensitive grip pen and ExpressKeys to work quickly and intuitively, taking full advantage of the powerful navigation features MARI has to offer.

In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors show you how to program the ExpressKeys and grip pen on the Cintiq to simplify navigation in MARI. Whether it’s orbiting around a model, panning or zooming, having your most important commands available at the click of a button helps you navigate faster.


In this tutorial you’ll learn how to: 

Access the Wacom tablet properties – In the ‘applications’ setting you can add MARI, where you’ll create custom settings for the grip pen and ExpressKeys.

Program the Stylus Pen buttons – To use the ALT modifier ExpressKey, you’ll program your grip pen buttons for the left, middle and right click features.

Assign the ALT modifier to an ExpressKey – In ‘functions,’ select the ExpressKeys tab and pick which key you want to set for the ALT modifier. Once you define the modifier, you’ll have the option to add a left, middle or right click as well.

After you’ve set up your ExpressKeys and stylus pen in MARI, you can hold down the ALT key, click and drag, and draw with your grip pen as you orbit around your model. It’s as simple as holding down your ExpressKey, tapping on your display and dragging with your grip pen. To use the presets on your pen, hold the ExpressKey and use your toggle buttons to zoom and pan with just one click. 

Now you can navigate quickly in MARI with the grip pen and its two buttons, along with one of the ExpressKeys.



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