by Caleb Goellner

Using the Cintiq Touch Strip to Improve Productivity in Mudbox

Sculpting and painting with Mudbox helps you create production-ready 3D digital artwork quickly, all in a high-performance environment. With the Cintiq touch strip and touch ring, you can instantly change the size, speed and color of your brushes with the touch of a finger, without taking your eyes off the display.

In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors show you how to maximize your productivity in Mudbox by setting up your touch strip or touch ring, to quickly create and access different brush sizes and levels without the use of a mouse or keyboard, helping you pan, zoom, rotate and navigate easily.

Benefits of using the touch strip or touch ring in Mudbox:


  • Change brush sizes by sliding your fingers, eliminating the back-and-forth between multiple devices.
  • Adjust brush speeds to reduce sensitivity and provide more control - requiring you to slide your fingers more than once to implement changes.
  • Access multiple levels quickly to sculpt and design your images, with a quick transition back to brushes using the toggle button.


Learn how to go into the different preference and display settings to program the touch strip and touch ring on your Wacom device to save time and access the actions you use most in Mudbox. The Cintiq offers eight different settings, giving you the flexibility to add several shortcuts.



These practical tips help eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming steps when working in Mudbox. Now you can you can spend more of your time creating instead of spending it in the settings menu. 

Our tutorials are designed to help you take full advantage of your creativity, show us your work - add it to the Wacom Gallery.

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