by Caleb Goellner

12 Things About Ming Doyle

The power of encouragement is real. Case in point: Artist Ming Doyle. Co-creator of The Kitchen at DC Comics' Vertigo Imprint and Mara at Image Comics, the prolific comics talent might have led a life of Twister-inspired storm-chasing had it not been for the urging of her instructors in college. Fortunately for fans of swirling lines, flowing figures and elegant action, the Boston-born artist pursued a career in comics and we're proud to feature her original work in the upcoming Pressure/Sensitivity anthology. 

Learn more about Ming -- including how much Star Trek she's watched over the years -- and get a sneak peek at concept art from her upcoming #WaComics story below:

1) I go by my middle name both professionally and personally, but since I'm biracial my legal full name features a complete Chinese name sandwiched between a complete Anglo/Irish name. The meanings of all my names in order can roughly be translated to "Captivating Ensnarer, Strictly Forbidden, Little Bright One, Tall Dark Stranger."

2) I was born in Boston, and by and large have lived in its greater metro area my entire life. However, I don't have even an eighth of the local accent my dad does, and people here still routinely ask me where I'm from.

3) I always wanted to be some sort of artist (fleeting, Hollywood-inspired interests in paleontology, storm-chasing, and archaeological adventuring aside). I didn't really read or consider comics until midway through art school, at the urging of pretty much all my professors, weirdly.

4) My childhood through adolescent crushes, chronologically: Mr. Spock, Indiana Jones, Jareth the Goblin King, Batman (Michael Keaton), Batman (Kevin Conroy), Dr. Ian Malcolm, Rutger Hauer, 006/Alec Trevelyan, Orlando Bloom.

5) I was an only child.

6) My favorite colors are chartreuse/olive/hunter (I call this spectrum "Cack Green" because of its strong similarity to puke hues), navy blue, and mustard yellow.

7) I was spending my junior year of high school in Beijing when 9/11 happened. In some ways, I feel like I've been in an alternate reality timeline ever since. In some ways, I probably have been.

8) I'm a lifelong Star Trek fan. I used to have a subscription to the 1-800-TREKKER mail order catalog, and I'd usually spend my one hour of weeknight TV time on Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns. I rented old TOS episodes on VHS from Blockbuster and older extended universe paperbacks from the library. I even made some truly amazing Sculpey/shoe box dioramas of the planet Vulcan. But what was the first screen name I ever chose for myself?

9) My fiance Neil and I had been dating for almost a year before I put it together that he made one of the first viral videos I can ever remember watching.

10) All I really believe is that you've got to be kind, babies.

11) One of my favorite places in the word is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, right next to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The MFA is great, but the Gardner is magical.

12) I am intensely near-sighted, and my vision still decreases by quarters and halves of points every couple years. Without glasses or contacts, the world is just a blur of faded, blobby colors to me. And like a typical artist, I'm afraid of going blind.