by Joseph Sliger w/ art by Caleb Goellner

5 Ways to Ask for a Wacom Tablet

Sucking up is an art form well worth learning. If compliments or congeniality get you want you want, the only people who will despise you for deploying such tactics are the ones who didn’t think of doing it first. If you are dying for that Wacom tablet that all your friends have and keep raving about, here are a few simple tips to help your family and friends see how critical it is to your well-being.


1. Guilt

Guilt is unusually effective, but be subtle: “If you truly loved me, a Wacom Intuos Pro would be a great gift.”  If you wanted to add a little passive aggressive spin to up the ante, you could run with “Professionals are using the Intuos Pro, but I guess I can get by with this lump of charcoal and assemblage of refuse." That is, assuming you're a Dickensian urchin.


2. The Cute Card

Let’s be honest, not all of us can pull this off. The younger you are, the more effective you will be. If you have mastered that look that wins over your parents or uncle every time, play the cute card with abandon when the time is right. Now is usually good.


3. Spam Your Parents.

Throw subtlety to the wind by leaving Wacom brochures around the house, setting their computers home page to the Wacom web site (if you’re smart you will put it on the product you want in the Wacom store, and if you are really smart it will already be in the cart). If you are really quick on your feet, add the occasional subliminal message: "Mom, could you please pass the Intuos and pepper." A blizzard of sticky office notes will do in a pinch as well.


4. Crowdsource It

Because nothing says "I need a tablet" like putting it out to the web. If you are not familiar with crowdsourcing, let me help: CROWDFUNDING. Also make sure to offer signed copies of your work as rewards though... because you can. There are a thousand ways to approach this one, but make sure to tag your parents on social media whenever you post, so that they can see your desperation. Don’t be whiney about it, though. Nobody likes a whiner. Show your mad skills and explain how much better and faster you could be if you only had an Intuos or Cintiq.


5. Education

Learn yourself some Negotiation skills from the Harvard Business Essentials Series: Negotiation

. Trust me, this one will pay off now and in the long run.

Buying a Wacom tablet for someone else? We've got tips for that, too.