by Caleb Goellner

Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Next Storyboard

Whether its a 30-second candy bar commercial, an episode of an animated series or a full feature film, every piece of animation you see starts the same way: With a storyboard. Laying out key visuals in an easy-to-read sequence not unlike a comic strip, storyboards tell animators what to animate and in what order. Without a storyboard, there's just no story.

Having taught us how to polish up portfolios, draw solid characters and draw and animate with weight, The Simpsons storyboard artist Mike Morris is back to share his expertise on the subject. And what better place to start than at the start? 

In this tutorial Morris walks you through the considerations you'll need to make before you ever take pencil to paper or pen to tablet: Where is your story coming from? Do you fully understand your story? Have you researched characters, locations and setting? Do you know what your characters are thinking at all times? Are you prepared to cut things that don't work? Are your ideas clear? Can you get meaningful feedback? These questions and more will help you get your mind in shape to start telling your tale in animation.

See how you can get started preparing a great storyboard with a pro, below: