by Melissa Ashcraft

Personalized, Hand Drawn Valentines on February 13

On behalf of the apple of your eye, I want to remind you that Valentine’s Day is February 14. Sure it’s a holiday designed for greeting card companies, but that doesn’t discount the pressure most significant others feel on that day.

To ease that pressure, consider getting your babycakes some original, digital, personalized art. But, you say, that’s expensive! Well, we at Wacom have the power to give you some hand-drawn digital art personalized for your sweetie FOR FREE.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow Wacom on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google Plus.
  2. On February 13, comment or @reply with your Valentine’s name and one of his or her interests.
  3. Von Glitschka of Five Minute Logo fame will then draw a personalized digital Valentine for your honeyboo. He’ll use a Bamboo stylus and the app Adobe Ideas.

BUT WAIT. How will one man draw so many valentines? He’ll get a little help from a crackerjack team of random Wacom employees. (Random Wacom employees will use whichever Wacom product they’re comfortable with. We can, in no way shape or form, guarantee that these random employees are talented artists. We can, however, promise you they’ll be using the best digital tools around – OUR OWN!)

  1. We will then post your custom, hand drawn valentine on our Facebook page and send you the link.
  2. Share the personalized greeting with your sugarbooger.

Got it? No?

Watch this video to meet Von and learn more about the program.

Don’t forget to follow Wacom on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google Plus for all of the Valentine’s Day fun. If you don’t have a honeyplum, send one to your co-worker. HR doesn’t care!*

*This statement has not been vetted by your company’s legal team.

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