Spreading the Digital Love with the Bamboo Stylus

We want everyone to feel the digital love this Valentine’s Day, so on February 13, we asked the Baron Von Glitschka to come into the office to draw personalized valentines for our social media audience. He drew 83 valentines for our audience and random Wacom employees picked up a few of the rest.

So how’d he draw all of that digital love? He used an iPad and a Bamboo Stylus Duo and Adobe Ideas. The Bamboo Stylus is one of my favorite Wacom tools. I use it for note taking and doing a little doodling myself. It’s got a ballpoint pen on one side and a stylus perfect for the iPad on the other.

Adobe Ideals is a vector illustration app for iPad and iPhone. A few benefits of Adobe Ideas includes:

  • Customize the toolbar with your favorite brushes 
  • Kuler sync 
  • Color theme extraction 
  • Simple vector-based drawing tools 
  • Use Adobe Ideas on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini** 
  • Apply color quickly with the Paint Bucket tool 
  • Eyedropper tool to easily pick up, compare, and match colors from your photo or drawing 

And you can upload all of your Adobe Ideas art to the Wacom gallery in Behance.

Von is a real, actual artist and he uses the Bamboo Stylus. I am not a real actual artist and I use the Bamboo Stylus. In other words, it’s a flexible tool.

How does Von use a Bamboo Stylus and Adobe Ideas to create art? Watch this G+ Hangout. He gives a tutorial on using Adobe Ideas with the Bamboo Stylus and some insights on how to draw a logo.

Click here to see all of the art that he (and random Wacom employees) created for Valentine’s Day.

Watch the videos below for all of the Valentine’s Day hilarity.