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It’s 3am, and you jolt awake because there’s that one unanswered question about Wacom burning a hole in your brain. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that dramatic. Our Facebook fans have a lot of excellent questions about Wacom, so we collected a handful of them and asked our resident Wacom expert Techman Joe to give the answers. Check them out below.   

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Arthur: I want to improve my hand/eye coordination on the Wacom Bamboo Fun, please show a couple of exercises. I draw freely with pencils and traditional media, but struggle to archive that on tablet.   

Techman Joe: The best way to get the hang of the pen, and make it an intuitive tool, is to use it for everything you can until it becomes muscle memory, usually about 3 days. If nothing else use it for all non-critical work, play solitaire or any other game that involves clicking, double clicking, right clicking and click and drag. This will make the pen as easy to use as anything else very quickly. One caveat I would add is that if you are on a small tablet and a large display, or worse, two large displays, you will want to map the tablet to just one display for when you are drawing.  

She: Is there warranty on these devices?   

Techman Joe: Yes, all Wacom products carry some warranty. This will greatly vary by region as well as the products in question though. In most cases the warranty for manufacturer’s defects is either 1 or 2 years, once again, depending on the product. 

Hi Rez: Aloha Everyone! I have a question. I have a Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch and a Macbook Pro Retina. I'll be at a convention this April. Will it be possible to connect the Cintq 24 to a Mac Book Pro and also use an external Monitor for people to see what I'm drawing? Cause I can I normally use my PC Lanbox to connect the Cintq and mirror it to another monitor for the viewers to see what I'm drawing. Hope I'm making any sense here. Thanks in advance.

Techman Joe: Most Macbook pro systems have both Mini-DisplayPort as well as HDMI. As long as you have the adapters you should be able to connect the Cinitiq to one, either using mini to full size display port adapter or MiniDP to DVI, or using the HDMI port with an HDMI to DisplayPort or DVI. The 24 has both cables, but you have to unscrew the panel on the back to get to the full size display port.   

Amanda: I've worn a big dark spot in my Intuos 5 from using it so much; is that bad for it? How long do they normally last?   

Techman Joe: Good question Amanda. There is no harm in using the Intuos like you mean it. The texture on the surface can wear off over time and heavy use, especially for sketch art. If you are familiar with changing Pen nibs, I have found that by using the Flex nib (the white tipped one) it greatly reduces wear and gives me a really nice tooth on the tablet. It can look like it is scratching the tablet, but in reality it is just residue from the white tip. In any case, no harm done.

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