5 Tips for Making Behance Best Friends

At Wacom we have the best jobs. We make tools to help you be more creative, and our reward is we seeing your work. Wacom’s mission is to make a more creative world, and as the content marketing team, our goal is to share your creativity.

Coexistence by Tang Yau Hoong

Our Wacom Behance gallery features a range of artists, from novices to the seasoned professionals in photography, illustration, design, motion graphics and videography. Our gallery is a place to share your work, gain recognition, network with artists and find inspiration.

If you’re new to Behance, try these 5 tips to getting more eyes on your art.

Tell us who you are:

Party Trick by Glenn Jones

  • When you begin reaching out to other artists, be transparent. Fill out your profile information so when someone visits your page they will be able to know your background, your creative interests and see your work. The more transparent and open you are, the more likely a user will follow you and the easier you’ll be found in search. Pro tip: Use an email for your account you’ll actually check. That’s how we reach out to you to do an artist highlight.

Make finding you easy:

Lovely Friday by Juri Zaech

  • You created this beautiful piece, now it’s time to get eyes on your creativity. When you upload a new project, use the text boxes to explain the piece with clear, descriptive copy. Think about the words you would use to search for a type of work.
  • See those project tags in settings? Use them. The more words you put in the “Project Tags” box, the better chance someone will find your project. Again think about words you would use to find your piece.

Let’s get friendly:

CD Cover by Jorge Tabanera

  • Search all that Behance has to offer, whether it’s our gallery or the general network. There are thousands of brilliant artists out there, you just have to find and follow users who interest you. Follow the artists and chances are, they’ll follow you back.
  • Every artist wants confirmation and feedback for their work. Share your appreciation, tell the artist what you think and give them constructive feedback. This is how we grow as artists, isn’t it?

Find inspiration from the leaders:

  • Behance has this nifty list of top users to follow. You can narrow the users by industry to help you find who you’re looking for. Although, we suggest following people outside of your industry and interest too. You’ll be surprised how you’ll find inspiration from other industries.

Get involved:

TMNT by FooD

  • Join the curated galleries. Find an industry, a school or an organization’s group to join. Dive into conversations, enter contests and share your art to get more eyes on your work.

Your creativity should be shared with the world. Make it easy for the world to find you on Behance. Try these tips, and share your work with us. We might even highlight your project on our featured section.

Comment below with tips you find help you get found on Behance.