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How To Draw Your First Caricature with Glenn Ferguson

How To Draw Your First Caricature with Glenn Ferguson

Caricatures are all about exaggeration. But we’re not exaggerating when we say Glenn Ferguson is among the world’s most notable caricaturists—and that we’re thrilled to learn some of his tips and tricks.

The former Master Caricaturist of the Year uses a Cintiq Companion to share a caricature in the video below. But traditional pen and paper will also do the trick. “Try using flesh or light-colored pencil to start,” says Ferguson. “It will help you create the first layer before you start with a darker pen. You’ll follow the same steps I do in the video. It’s just using a different tool.”

Here are three tips from Glenn to get you started:

Shape Up:
Study the shapes that make your subject unique. The face is full of ovals, squares, circles, rectangles and more. When you break it down to those shapes and identify the distinctive ones, you have the base for your caricature.

Practice, Practice, Then Practice Some More:
Practice makes perfect. It’s an old adage, but one worth repeating. And don’t hit the gates running by using live models. Start with photographs of friends, family or my favorite: Political magazines. You’ll never find a face with a stand-out feature or oddity in a beauty magazine. The models are too balanced, touched-up and symmetrical. I like using images from Newsweek or Time for practice.

Basic Training:
Know the basics. Drawing caricatures requires a keen understanding of anatomy and facial structure. Before you can embellish or exaggerate, you have to understand the foundation. Be well-versed in drawing and sketching portraits before you begin drawing caricatures.


Get the picture? Get ready to make one of your own.

Start by following the master: Watch as Glenn walks us through the creation of a caricature: